Introducing Sketchy Vegan Cooking

Out in spring 2021, Sketchy Vegan Cooking is a book of illustrated vegan recipe ideas by Michi Mathias.

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DIY Vegan Cooking

DIY Vegan Cooking

Recipe Cards

by Michi Mathias

978-1-912634-25-5 * £21.99 – $24.95/$37.50 (US & CAN) * Published Nov 2021

Illustrated vegan recipes that are easy-to-follow, healthy and delicious!

DIY Vegan Cooking is a set of 50+ illustrated vegan recipe cards.

This is a different sort of cooking experience… You won’t find many precise measurements or specific instructions here. You will find a clear visual guide to making uncomplicated good food from simple, real ingredients. 

The recipe ideas in DIY Vegan Cooking are hand-drawn and almost wordless, so it’s easy to see the whole cooking process at a glance. Perfect for visual thinkers who enjoy being creative and improvising in the kitchen!

Michi Mathias makes hand-drawn illustrations and observational comics with pen & ink and watercolour, somewhat wonky whilst still reasonably accurate and detailed… read more.

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