An interview with Kim Arnold & Steven Bright

Today we’re absolutely thrilled to be talking to our friends Kim Arnold and Steven Bright, two of the UK tarot community’s best-known tarot readers – and, as you’ll see, they do much more than that!

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An interview with Ikale Sunflower

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Get to know Kaylee Pinecone, creator of Tales of the Tarot

Last year, when we tweeted out looking for someone to create an original webcomic based on tarot or mind, body, spirit themes, we heard back almost immediately from Kaylee Pinecone. She developed an amazing idea that we knew people were going to love, and – if our social media and blog numbers are anything to go by – now we know how much it’s resonating with you!

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An Interview with Lisa Sterle

lisa sterle modern witch tarot

An Interview With Lisa Sterle

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve probably seen us shouting about the very exciting news that we’ll be publishing Lisa Sterle’s truly fabulous Modern Witch Tarot in autumn 2019. Thanks to Lisa’s incredible fans and their overwhelmingly positive response to her work, we saw a few snippets of the deck (one of our favourites is the Ten of Swords, shown above) and just had to jump on the chance to publish it.

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