The Tower from A Miyako M’s Major Arcana

The Tower by A Miyako M

The Tower from A Miyako M’s Major Arcana

by Darren Shill

During the last few weeks, we have principally focused on individual cards from Kay Medaglia’s Luna Sol Tarot. This week, I wanted to look at a single card from someone else’s deck: The Tower by Addi Miyako. Addi, from San Jose, California, finished a successful Kickstarter campaign in early February this year for a deck of 22 Major Arcana, all rendered in stunning water colours. This Tarot deck came either with velvet bags or furoshiki wrapping cloths, the latter produced by a local San Jose business, Nichi Bei Bussan.

Addi’s cards are mostly close-up portraits of individuals bearing the essential essence the tarot archetypes. There are two notable exceptions, however: The Wheel of Fortune, where a hand tattooed with many of the traditional symbols holds a beautiful coloured wheel adorned with cyclical markings. View Post