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The edits are in, the print button has been pressed and now we can breathe a bit while we wait for our newest products to make their way to Liminal 11 HQ! We have three amazing books publishing in October, and Modern Witch Tarot is out in November.

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Announcing Natalie Dormady’s 365 Gentle Reminders

365 Gentle Reminders natalie dormady

A wave of excitement comes with this new publication announcement! We are so thrilled to be able to share that Liminal 11 will be publishing 365 Gentle Reminders by Natalie Dormady, who describes her work as “some friendly reminders from a girl who needs a few herself”. The warmth, care and compassion that go into Dormady’s work are immediately obvious, and her message of self-care is truly necessary in these turbulent times.

Natalie Dormady’s 365 Gentle Reminders will be published in autumn 2019. Until then, you can enjoy Gentle Reminders by Natalie on Instagram.

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365 Gentle Reminders

365 Gentle Reminders

by Natalie Dormady

978-1-912634-04-0 * £12.99 * Published 2 October 2019



An uplifting gentle reminder for every day of the year.

365 Gentle Reminders is a beautiful book of illustrated recovery affirmations that are filled with warmth and positivity.

With a message and drawing for every day of the year to remind you that You Are Enough, You Are Not Alone and Your Life Matters, these simple yet powerful works of art will wrap you in a positive embrace and help you find the strength you need to get through the day – whether you’re on a recovery journey or simply seeking a more positive outlook on life.

From the creator of the popular Gentle Reminders Instagram account @littlearthlings.


Natalie Dormady is an author and artist from Toronto, Canada. After battling with mental illnesses, she found her passion for art while on her recovery journey. Her work is inspired by mental health, the natural world and kindness expressed through simple but powerful words and images. She loves sharing gentle reminders with the world (as well as cute pictures of dogs!) in the hopes of brightening people’s day.