Submission Guidelines

After reading through the following please email your submission to

We accept all kinds of work, but keep in mind that we are an illustration-based company — so we are most interested in illustration work or work with illustrations in mind! We also don’t publish children’s books or any fiction that isn’t comics based.

First steps-

  1. Please include a short bio of who you and are why the project is important to you.
  2. In your submission, please clarify if you intend to be the author or illustrator of the work or both. If you are looking to do only one, please make it clear whether you need an author/illustrator to be a source for the project and if you have one already in mind.
  3. Please also be clear about the project: is it a book, journal, anthology, tarot, oracle, or something else?
  4. Please tell us what makes your work different to other projects out there.
  5. Please include links if you have a website or social media that shows your work.

Tarot/Oracle work-

Please include the following:

  1. An outline of your idea- please include any themes of influences.
  2. High-resolution PDFs or JPEGS of 5 or more cards. We would like to see at least one major, one minor and one court card.
  3. If you are writing the guidebook, please include at least one explanation of the cards
  4. Estimated date of completion.

Things to note- We are very unlikely to publish tarot and oracle decks that are smaller than 45
cards. If you are considering submitting a smaller project please note that we may ask to expand it.

Text based work-

  1. An outline of your idea- please include any themes of influences.
  2. A breakdown of the project – if there are chapters, what does each chapter concern?
  3. A sample piece of writing of a minimum of one chapter or roughly ten pages.
  4. If you intend to be an author of a tarot deck but not the illustrator, please include references to the art style or some other visual work that inspires you – please note: we prefer to work with authors who are also artists.
  5. Estimated date of completion.

Art based work-

  1. An outline of your idea – please include any themes of influences.
  2. 5-10 examples of your work.
  3. If possible and applicable- layout pages with the artwork involved.
  4. Estimated date of completion.

Sending your submission-

  • Please email with the above relevant information.
  • It is best to send files in a PDF format attached to the email, however if the files are too large please use WeTransfer. Please note if you send a WeTransfer please also email submissions to let them know that the transfer is coming. WeTransfer’s without accompanying emails will not be accepted.
  • If you wish to send your project physically, please send it to the below address. Please also email to confirm that it is being sent.

Liminal 11
The Chocolate Factory, Unit C406
Clarendon Road
Wood Green
N22 6XJ