The Astro-Luna Journal


Released March 2023!

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You cannot capture the moon, but you can harness its power…

The Astro-Luna Journal is both a journal and a guide. Featuring out-of-this-world illustrations by Sibylline Meynet, this journal offers myriad advice and information on the moon’s phases, the changing seasons, and the effects of planetary alignments. Meticulously examining every star sign, The Astro-Luna Journal gives you an in-depth look at the archetypes of the zodiac and how the moon interacts with these cosmic forces.

If you’ve ever wondered how the stars affect you, this journal unveils those secrets! Not only that, but The Astro-Luna Journal coaches you on utilising this knowledge to harness your creativity, set personal goals, and gain a deeper level of perception. Where will The Astro-Luna Journal take you?

Monika Anna is a teacher, mindfulness expert, and above all, a seasoned astrologer. As the founder of Modern Yaga, she has used her skills as an astrologer and life coach to help many people work through their psychological blocks, empowering them to be more confident in their authentic selves.

Sibylline Meynet’s whimsical, highly popular pastel-infused paintings have led her to work with Boom! Studios, Warner Bros, and many more.