Modern Witch Tarot – Special Limited Edition (SOLD OUT)


by Lisa Sterle

Free worldwide shipping * Published November 2019

Click here for the Standard Edition (comes with free tarot bag)

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The Modern Witch Tarot special edition is limited strictly to 1,111 copies and will ONLY be available directly from the Liminal 11 web shop.

What makes this edition so special? 

  • Limited to 1,111 copies
  • Signed and numbered by Lisa Sterle
  • Full deck with beautiful gold gilding (inside slipcase box)
  • Mini hardcover introductory book (little white booklet on steroids!)
  • Black velvet tarot bag with Modern Witch Emblem embroidered in gold (also included with Standard Edition).
  • Original tarot scarf
  • Custom enamel pin
  • Custom iron-on patch
  • All in an embossed gold tin!
*Free worldwide shipping applies only to the Modern Witch Tarot special limited edition.


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