Fascinating Folklore


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Crafted by the masterful minds of two comic world luminaries, John Reppion and PJ Holden, Fascinating Folklore began as a creative pact between friends, but it swiftly blossomed into an extraordinary compendium, showcasing the magic of folklore like never before.

Prepare to be captivated as the power of writing prompts dances hand in hand with PJ’s breathtaking comics, offering a sensory feast and an unparalleled pathway into the enchanting realm of folklore. Each prompt, deftly expanded by Reppion, ventures deep into the heart of every topic, unearthing rich and informative essays that leave you spellbound!

The expanse of subjects covered is nothing short of awe-inspiring, spanning mystical legends like Boudicca and Beowulf, to the enthralling world of plantlore, where Mandrake, Willow, and Yedua whisper secrets of ancient wisdom. The compendium weaves tales of haunting ghosts like Okiku, the Wandjing spirits of Western Australia, and the resolute deity Anteros, guardian of slighted love.

Step into this wondrous world, where “Fascinating Folklore” opens the door to a treasure trove of ancient traditions and captivating tales, forever preserving their magic in an entirely new way!

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