So thrilled to unveil the title and cover of Mike Medaglia’s forthcoming tarot deck, the Luna Sol Tarot.

As you will undoubtedly see as we start to reveal both Major and Minor Arcana over the coming weeks and months this is a warm, uplifting deck using a soft, modern colour palette yet one that remains rich in the traditional symbolism. It’s inspiration is broad, from both classical Western and Eastern sources, reflecting the global family we all encompass.

The Luna Sol Tarot has been created to give fresh insight to the seasoned practitioner and a compassionate welcome to those new to the art!

We will slowly be revealing images from rest of the deck so be sure to keep checking in and follow us on social media. We also have a newsletter if you would like announcements, discounts and exclusive images sent right to your inbox. Sign up here.

The deck will be released this September and will be open for pre-orders very soon! Keep an eye on this space 🙂

Very excited to have you here at this most auspicious of moments!

Liminal 11 is a new publishing company founded by Darren Shill and Mike Medaglia (read more about us). Over the next year we will be publishing a tarot deck and many awesome tarot related products.

But the company won’t be all about Tarot – we will quickly be expanding into many new areas! So keep an eye on this space as we begin this exciting new enterprise.

We’ll see you at the crossroads…

Darren Shill & Mike Medaglia
(Co-Founder & Co-Founder)