A Cosmic Adventure: Navigating the Zodiac’s Energies with the Moon as Your Compass

Looking up at the night sky, we can’t help but wonder about the mysteries that lie beyond our planet. Astrology has been around for centuries and has piqued the curiosity of many with its mystique and allure. The practice has even found its way into popular culture, with horoscopes and astrological readings becoming a part of many people’s daily routines.

Monika Anna, author of The Astro-Luna Journal, has made it her mission to make astrology more accessible and understandable for everyone. In this interview, we’ll delve into Monika’s journey with astrology, her inspiration for creating The Astro-Luna Journal, and the benefits of incorporating astrology into your daily life.

Astro Luna cover featuring artwork by Sibylline Meynet. The image shows a mystical blue figure sitting on a crescent moon, surrounded by stars and clouds. The figure has a serene expression on its face and is surrounded by a mystical aura. The illustration is detailed and intricate, with the figure's hair and clothing flowing in the wind.
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Interview with Isabella Rotman, creator of This Might Hurt Tarot

By Phoebe Trillo

When we first spotted This Might Hurt Tarot a few years back, like so many in the tarot community, we were truly awestruck. From the unique character designs and gorgeous colour palettes of each suit, to all the personal references Isabella has meticulously weaved into so many of the cards, it was clear from the start that she had created a truly outstanding deck.

There is an immediate feeling of accessibility to This Might Hurt tarot, perfect for those dipping their toes into the world of tarot for the first time and for those already deep into their journey of self-discovery, This Might Hurt tarot is a truly unique addition to a collection.

Together with Isabella, using our distinct Liminal 11 touch, we have re-imagined This Might Hurt Tarot into a stunning Special Edition, which you can find here, and a standard edition which you can find here.

Here, Isabella describes her personal journey with tarot, the creation of This Might Hurt tarot, her advice for fellow artists in the tarot community and a whole lot more!

Isabella and her pooch, Flint!
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Interview with Elizabeth Kim

When does our creativity become spiritual? In an enthralling anthology of creative writing, Spiritus Mundi aims to answer this question, revealing the connection between imagination and the divine. 

Spiritus Mundi is a compendium of writings generated via occult means; whether the ideas were airborne, unconscious, or carried over from some other layer of reality is yours to decide. Each creative work from both emerging and acclaimed authors explores occult techniques such as invocation, cartomancy, and scrying. 

Here, editor Elizabeth Kim provides a glimpse into her work at Cunning Folk Magazine, her path into the magic, folklore, mythology and the occult and how Spiritus Mundi came into being.

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Interview with Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe

Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe is the self-described illustrator of fantasy, opulence and whimsey  and the artist behind the fantastical illustrations of The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck, coming August 2022! Here she details her experience working alongside author Maggie Wilson and all that she has discovered along the way.

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Maggie Wilson’s Journey with the Cannabis Plant

By Maggie Wilson

This summer, 2022, we are so excited to be releasing the Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck from Maggie Wilson and illustrated by the wonderful Edge. Speaking with Iris Dorbian for Forbes last year, Maggie explained that “What makes this deck truly unique is not just that it’s a collaborative effort between two talented black women” but that it is “also unprecedented because it’s breaking the mold on what’s expected of the tarot or what’s the norm from an executive at a cannabis company. The deck itself is a love letter about the spiritual journey that so many have found with cannabis who were given relief, hope, joy and trust thanks to the plant.” 

Here Maggie traces her relationship with the cannabis plant and how it has transformed over the course of her life so far.

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Hope Springs Eternal: What Astrology Has To Say About The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox has been celebrated for centuries. But what does it mean in astrology?

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Achieve Your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions Using Astrology

It’s Capricorn season! Harness the power of the “sea goat” to realise your goals in 2022…

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Witchy Winter Wedding Ideas

Brining a dash of winter magic to your big day

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Yule Traditions, Plants, and Winter Solstice Celebrations!

There are more ways to see the season through than just with eggnog and Santa hats

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What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle decks?

Are tarot and oracle cards the same? Let’s have a look at what makes each type of deck unique!

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The Witchy Wishlist for Christmas 2021

wonderful tarot decks

What do you get that friend for Christmas who’s well into everything witchy?

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Can You Buy Your Own Tarot Deck? Debunking Popular Tarot Myths!

Please ensure you wear goggles when tackling bogus superstitions

A lot of superstition surrounds the tarot… but is there any truth to these tarot rules?

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How To Celebrate Samhain 2021: Rituals, Spells, Tarot Spreads, And More…

Not sure how to celebrate Samhain? Look no further!

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What Is Samhain? The Ancient Festival That Became Halloween

Samhain journal page with three glowing candles

We’ve been a sucker for carving pumpkins for longer than you might think…

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What Is Goblincore? The Aesthetic trend that has taken 2021 by storm!

Chanel your inner Goblin this Autumn with the beautiful work of Fez Inkwright

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A Closer Look At The Oracle Creator

Bring the deck of your dreams into reality with this modern tome of knowledge!

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What is Mabon and the mid-autumn festival?

The most bountiful festival of the year!

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The 8 Best Beginner Tarot Decks

The New Chapter Tarot, The White Numen, The Cosmic Slumber, and The Luna Sol – photo by Loveday May

What’s the best tarot deck for beginners? We’ve rounded up our faves!

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What is the Mystical Medleys Tarot?

Mystical Medleys – photo by Loveday May

Join us on a journey through the rabbit hole to the world of the Mystical Medleys!

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Do you need The Seed and Sickle Special Edition?

Well, with all this gorgeous content and two Oracle decks it would be hard to say no…

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Look Inside The Cosmic Slumber Coloring Book

Enter the dream…

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How To Spot Fake Tarot Decks

Example: Modern Witch Tarot By Lisa Sterle next to classic example of a fake deck, you can see the shocking difference!

Don’t be The Fool, and fall for a fake deck!

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Why LGBT Representation In Tarot Is Important

It’s crucial to reflect everyone in the tarot…

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How To Celebrate The Summer Solstice In Style! All About The Festival Of Litha

Daisy Oracle Card from Fez Inkwright’s – The Seed and Sickle Oracle – released in November – Photo: Loveday May

The day is long and the night is short. Sorry vampires, you wont get much time for lunch…

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Gender In The New Chapter Tarot

Creator K. Briggs explains why she chose male princesses and female knights…

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Great LGBT Tarot Spreads To Celebrate Pride Month!

K. Briggs’ gorgeous deck, The New Chapter Tarot. Photo: Loveday May

Let’s celebrate Pride and all the inspirational queer witches out there with some Pride-focused tarot spreads!

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Is Loki Genderfluid In Norse Mythology?

Discovering the queer nature of everyone’s favourite Norse god…

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LGBT Tarot: How Queer Identity & The Tarot Are Connected

The Lovers from Modern Witch Tarot, Seven Of Wands from the White Numen Tarot, The Moon from the Cosmic Slumber Tarot. Photo: Loveday May

Gay tarot is really just… tarot.

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It’s World Goth Day, so let’s celebrate all that’s gothic about tarot!

Death, Three of Swords, and The Hermit from the: Modern Witch Tarot Deck Photo: Loveday May
Death, Three of Swords, and The Hermit from the: Modern Witch Tarot Deck Photo: Loveday May

Don’t fear pulling the Death card in your tarot readings

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How Archetypes Work In The Tarot — And In Dreams

How to unlock your dreams using the tarot…

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A Look Inside The Modern Witch Coloring Book

Dive deeper into the world of the Modern Witch…

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What is Beltane? May Day Might Be The Sexiest Festival Of The Year…

From Maypole dancing to ancient engagement ceremonies, this festival has everything!

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All About Walpurgisnacht: The Ultimate Witches’ Holiday

Move over, Halloween!

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The Luna Sol Tarot Spread

Let us not worry about the future…but instead reflect and enjoy the present

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How To Celebrate Dionysia, Ancient Festival Of Wine & The Arts

Dionysus wasn’t just god of wine, parties, and debauchery…

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Why Colouring In The Tarot Can Improve Your Practice

This simple method can really improve your tarot readings…

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How is colour used to convey meaning in Tarot?

Colour speaks to us though history…it’s in the life blood of civilisation

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What is Ostara? How The Spring Equinox Became Easter

There’s more to Easter than chocolate bunnies and plastic flowers…

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Tarot Spread: Bloom into Spring

Spring clean your focus for the new season. Grow, grow, grow…

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Spring: Flowers and their secrets

The sweetest flowers hold the darkest secrets…

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Say Hello to…the Modern Witch Colouring Book!

More than just a colouring book!

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The Gods Of The New Chapter Tarot

The age-old tales within the tarot find a new meaning…

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From Inspiration To Creation: The Story Behind The Luna Sol Tarot

Take a peak behind the scenes with this author Q&A…

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How to Get Over a Bad Relationship – Cord Cutting

One, Two, Three I banish thee…Bad vibes be gone!

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The Tarot of Love

The power of love, a force from above, cleaning my soul…

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My, That’s Bloody: The History Of Valentine’s Day

The festival of love has a dark origin story…

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There’s More to a Flower than Just Pretty Petals and a Pleasing Scent

Botanical Curses and Poisons book by Fez Inkwright

Fez Inkwright previews some favourite anecdotes from plant folklore book Botanical Curses and Poisons!

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Tarot Spread: 11 days of Yule Draw

11 days of Yuletide tarot reading

“On the first day of Yuletide my Tarot said to me …”

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How Are Tarot Cards Connected?

Another story is being told right under your fingertips…

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Simple Tarot Deck-Orations

A Christmas tree decorated with tarot card 'ornaments' using Modern Witch Tarot
Lisa Sterle’s Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Deck The Halls With…Tarot Cards And Holly Fa-La-La-La-La

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