The Witchy Wishlist for Christmas 2021

wonderful tarot decks

What do you get that friend for Christmas who’s well into everything witchy?

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What Is Goblincore? The Aesthetic trend that has taken 2021 by storm!

Chanel your inner Goblin this Autumn with the beautiful work of Fez Inkwright

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A Closer Look At The Oracle Creator

Bring the deck of your dreams into reality with this modern tome of knowledge!

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What is Mabon and the mid-autumn festival?

The most bountiful festival of the year!

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What is the Mystical Medleys Tarot?

Mystical Medleys – photo by Loveday May

Join us on a journey through the rabbit hole to the world of the Mystical Medleys!

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Do you need The Seed and Sickle Special Edition?

Well, with all this gorgeous content and two Oracle decks it would be hard to say no…

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Dita Von Queef

Dita Von Queef is the eccentric alter-ego of Melbourne-based visual artist and entertainer, M****** T**** (name missing because you should never pull back the velvet curtain in the emerald city). Von Queef burst onto the drag scene in December 2019 only to greet ‘The Great COVID Shut-In of 2020’ several months later. But thanks to social media, you can’t keep a bad bitch down. Von Queef made it her personal mission to continue constructing her avant-garde $2 store costumes and sharing her dark, irreverent humour and campy theatrics in spite of Miss Corona. Her first live show post-lockdown went viral. Thanks to her tireless efforts and refusal to break spirit, Magikarp is now a queer icon. 

Von Queef plans to spend the next year developing her highly flamboyant photographic tarot series, available for purchase in 2023. 

Creator M****** T**** was last seen sitting under a tree somewhere listening to philosophy podcasts and shuffling a deck of cards. She was unavailable to comment.

Connect With Dita Von Queef:

Instagram @Ditavonqueef

Monika Anna

Monika is a Transformational Astrologer and a Mindfulness Coach based in the West Midlands, UK. Originally from Poland, she relocated nearly two decades ago to put down roots and make the UK her home, which she now shares with her hubby and two rescue cats. She has always been fascinated by the language of symbols, fairy tales, archetypes, mythology and and the magic they create when woven together – crafting a tapestry of life.

When she discovered astrology and experienced the intense power of metamorphosis, she understood she had a beautiful framework to help others on their path of discovery and healing. There is power in storytelling, in our personal mythology and something profoundly transformational in recognising our own story, familiarising ourselves with it, and then glimpsing meaning behind all our trials and tribulations. Maybe even becoming empowered to write our own adventure. She feels privileged to be of service and assist others in their journey.

Connect with Monika:

Monika can be found sharing astrology and life on IG @yagacoaching  as well as on her website:

She’s currently working on The Astro-Luna Journal… coming 2022 

How To Spot Fake Tarot Decks

Example: Modern Witch Tarot By Lisa Sterle next to classic example of a fake deck, you can see the shocking difference!

Don’t be The Fool, and fall for a fake deck!

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Say hello to the New Chapter Special Limited Edition!

Within a magical purple box lies a theatre in the cosmos…

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Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe

Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe is a Nigerian-Canadian artist based in BC, Canada. Born outside of her parent’s homeland, she went on to experience multiple cultures throughout her childhood and early adulthood.

As an immigrant, she wrestles with concepts of community and identity, both within herself and her work, and strives to create representation for voices (particularly Black and/or LGBTQ+ folks) who are often pushed out of positive, empowering narratives.

But also echoing in her work is a love for the ethereal, fantasy stories she grew up with. From a passion for vibrant colours, to a love of ornamentation, her varying homes have strongly moulded her creative perspective, weaving themselves throughout each piece she creates.

In combining all these influences she hopes to create work that is uplifting and whimsical, a respite from life’s rigors.

Over the course of her career so far she has worked with clients including Scholastic, Wizards of the Coast and Marvel. Her work has also featured in publications such as F(r)iction, Infected By Art and ImagineFX Magazine.

See Edge’s work at, peek behind-the-scenes on Patreon, and connect on Twitter or Instagram.

She is currently working on artwork for the Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck… coming 2022

Breaking News! introducing the new Liminal 11 Catalogue

New Decks, new Books and more …

How To Celebrate The Summer Solstice In Style! All About The Festival Of Litha

Daisy Oracle Card from Fez Inkwright’s – The Seed and Sickle Oracle – released in November – Photo: Loveday May

The day is long and the night is short. Sorry vampires, you wont get much time for lunch…

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Great LGBT Tarot Spreads To Celebrate Pride Month!

Kathryn Briggs’ gorgeous deck, The New Chapter Tarot. Photo: Loveday May

Let’s celebrate Pride and all the inspirational queer witches out there with some Pride-focused tarot spreads!

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Is Loki Genderfluid In Norse Mythology?

Discovering the queer nature of everyone’s favourite Norse god…

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The Luna Sol Tarot Coloring Book

The Luna Sol Tarot Coloring Book

by Kay Medaglia and Darren Shill Published Spring 2022

978-1-912634-31-6* £12.99

978-1-454943-30-3* $16.95 / $25.95 (US/CAN)

Relax and unwind with the healing powers of mindful coloring and reflective activities.

The Luna Sol Tarot Coloring Book is an interactive coloring + activity experience for tarot lovers and fans of The Luna Sol Tarot deck with it’s diverse and inclusive illustrations that show different body shapes and sizes, as well as including queer symbols and a gentle relationship with the world around us.

Featuring The Luna Sol Tarot artwork enhanced for your coloring experience, plus all-new illustrations inspired by the cards’ symbolism, it is everything and much, much more than you would expect from a colouring book. For every card, you’ll find a path of healing, explaining how each card applies to a journey of self-healing, recovery, empowerment, and introspection. You’ll also find an exploration of the spirituality of each card. This delves into the mythological archetypes and spiritual practices that each card applies to, from Norse legends to Taoism. And to really help you learn from each card; you’ll also find two reflections — questions that invite you to apply the card’s themes to your own life — and an exercise that will put what you’ve learnt into practice. Ranging from meditations to mind maps to visualisation techniques.

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot Coloring Book

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot Coloring Book

By Tillie Walden Published June 2021

978-1-912634-32-3* £12.99 * Published June 2021

USA & Canada: 9781454943297 * $16.95 / $25.95 Published August 2021

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot Coloring Book is a sumptuous interactive coloring + activity dreamscape for tarot lovers and fans of Tillie Walden’s dream-inspired tarot deck, The Cosmic Slumber with its androgynous characters, and scenes reminiscent of Studio Ghibli films.

Enjoy coloring Tillie Walden’s iconic imagery, plus all-new coloring mandalas inspired by the cards’ symbolism, this coloring book will transport you to the cosmos! It’s packed with exclusive deep insights into the cards exploring the dreamscape of The Cosmic Slumber, digging into the archetypes and unpacking the symbols. Plus, journal reflection pages that will fuel your tarot reading skills and awaken your personal growth.

Not only this, but the book also includes exclusive insight into Tillie’s own creation of The Cosmic Slumber Tarot exploring her thoughts and feeling behind creating this incredible deck.

Purchase The Cosmic Slumber Tarot Coloring book:

Modern Witch Tarot Coloring Book

Modern Witch Tarot Coloring Book

by Lisa Sterle & Published 20th May 2021

9781912634330 *£12.99* Published April 2021

USA/Canada: 9781454943310 $16.95 / $25.50 Published April 2021

Modern Witch Tarot Coloring Book is an interactive coloring + activity experience for tarot lovers and fans Lisa Sterle’s bestselling Modern Witch Tarot deck. Featuring the Modern Witch artwork you know and love, plus all-new illustrations inspired by the cards’ symbolism, this is far more than your average coloring book . . . It’s packed with exclusive deep insights into the cards – not found in the guidebook! – and activities and journal prompts that will improve your intuition and tarot reading skills.

Lisa Sterle is a Columbus (Ohio) artist with work spanning from comic books to concept design to pop- culture-fuelled illustration. Her work often marries her two favourite themes: the beautiful and the grotesque. She has worked with HarperCollins, IDW, Image, Archie Comics, Vault Comics, BOOM! Studios, and many others. She is the co-creator of monthly comics Long Lost and Submerged, as well as creator of the Modern Witch Tarot deck, a modern and diverse interpretation of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. She is working on the graphic novel Squad with writer Maggie Tokuda-Hall for Greenwillow Books.

Purchase the Modern Witch Tarot Coloring Book:

It’s World Goth Day, so let’s celebrate all that’s gothic about tarot!

Death, Three of Swords, and The Hermit from the: Modern Witch Tarot Deck Photo: Loveday May
Death, Three of Swords, and The Hermit from the: Modern Witch Tarot Deck Photo: Loveday May

Don’t fear pulling the Death card in your tarot readings

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Maggie Wilson

Maggie Wilson was raised in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and now lives in Southern California after working as a Reiki Master Teacher and Marketing director for over a decade. In 2017, she began hosting the first educational cannabis and Reiki events in Boulder, Colorado. She is the first black female Cannabis Sommelier and her work has been featured in Dope Magazine, High Times, Merry Jane, and she has been a featured artist, speaker, and panellist at popular cannabis events with Willie Nelson and many others. After leaving the Jehovah’s Witness organization at 12, she dove deep into learning about esoteric practices, the occult, quantum physics, and magic. Her podcast Metaphysical AF continually breaks the Top 10 and Top 5 in Apple podcasts in multiple countries and focuses on teaching about all topics beyond the physical. She has taught many workshops with major music festivals in the US including Suwannee Hulaween, Desert Hearts, and JamCruise. Currently, she is the co-owner and Global Chief of Marketing for the first vegan and certified kosher cannabis edible in California, Fruit Slabs, which is sold with THC in both California and Washington with an additional CBD line available nationwide. She is the author of The Meta Cannabis Oracle Deck, a tribute to ancestors and oracles of the sacred plant spirit and beyond. She finds her inspiration for educating on Cannabis and advocating from growing up in the southeast and being told she was allergic to cannabis by her adopted mother in hopes to deter any social injustice she may encounter as a young black woman. She continues to educate on cannabis wellness and advocates for a spiritual connection and intention with the plant for the world.


Visit her website and download the podcast 
Follow Maggie on InstagramTwitterYoutube, and on Clubhouse 

What is Beltane? May Day Might Be The Sexiest Festival Of The Year…

From Maypole dancing to ancient engagement ceremonies, this festival has everything!

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The Luna Sol Tarot Spread

Let us not worry about the future…but instead reflect and enjoy the present

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Darren Shill

Darren Shill has read the tarot for over 30 years, loosing his fear of public reading whilst travelling Southern Europe in 1990 and interpreting the cards for every wandering soul he met.

After 15 years of financial wizardry in the City of London he founded Liminal 11 with his friend Kay Medaglia. Connected by a love of comics and the transformative power of the Mind Body Spirit genre they came together to create the cornerstone tarot of Liminal 11 – The Luna Sol Tarot. Darren is amongst other things the Editorial Director of Liminal 11 and takes a particular intertest in commissioning and development of all of Liminal’s tarot decks.
Darren has run workshops at the UK Tarot Conference and continues to read the tarot for any soul who seeks its help, wandering or otherwise.




White Numen: A Sacred Animal Tarot – Special Limited Edition

WHITE NUMEN TAROT Special Edition IS AVALIBLE NOW – and SELLING FAST! Click the pink to go to the shop!

How is colour used to convey meaning in Tarot?

Colour speaks to us though history…it’s in the life blood of civilisation

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Ksenia Svincova (Iren Horrors)

Ksenia Svincova is best known by her alias Iren Horrors, by her name you can tell she has a great calling to the gothic curiosities and ascetics! She is a freelance illustrator from Russia who spends her days working on commissions and sharing her inner world.

Ksenia is best known for works in a cartoon-gothic style, depicting the world how she sees it through a strong Gothic aesthetic. Her creativity is her communication between inner and outer worlds.

Ksenia has a passion for mythological subjects, folktales, and dark gothic culture in all its mysterious forms, as well as other areas of the dark arts. This is where she finds her inspiration for her illustrations and reimagines them in her own style.



What is Ostara? How The Spring Equinox Became Easter

There’s more to Easter than chocolate bunnies and plastic flowers…

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Lyra Black

Lyra Black was born and raised in the Sonoran Desert in the American Southwest, where she fell in love with massive summer thunderstorms and 100-year-old saguaro cacti. She stumbled into magic and the occult at 18, then co-ran the witchcraft blog Recreational Witchcraft with her best friend and coven-mate for several years. 

After finishing her degree in Political Science, Lyra moved to Berlin, Germany, where she works as a writer, editor, and her office’s Natal Chart Reader. Though she’s traded in her ceremonial robes for business attire, she has also still been known to give tarot readings by candlelight for the price of one bottle of red wine. 

Lyra believes that magic should be accessible, modern, and something that each of us can tap into in dark times.


Lyra Black’s Projects for Liminal 11

Watch this space!