Announcing: The Garden

We’re thrilled to announce our first spring 2020 publication – and our first graphic novel! The Garden, publishing in May 2020, is a beautiful story of growth and healing through mindfulness and gardening.

From two of our all-time favourite comics creators, Sean Michael Wilson and Fumio Obata, The Garden is a beautiful, soulful work that you simply won’t want to miss!

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The Garden

The Garden

by Sean Michael Wilson & Fumio Obata

978-1-912634-16-3 * £12.99 * Published 21st May 2020

Distributed in North America by Sterling Publishing


The Garden is a beautiful story of healing and growth through mindfulness and gardening.

Joanna is a high-powered finance consultant who’s been signed off work after having a nervous breakdown. Seeking more than just something to pass the time, she travels to Kyoto, Japan, to immerse herself in the arts of zen gardening and meditation.

Returning home – and to the challenges of daily life – Joanna finds peace and a new sense of calm through nurturing her own garden – and her soul

I have happily forgotten what used to concern me before all this.
I am the strongest thing in the world.
I have an infinity of precious details to smile upon

Praise for the creators:

‘[Obata] is a talent to watch. I like his elegant, understated drawings, which hint at the manga stories he must have read as a boy.’ – Rachel Cooke, Observer (on Just So Happens)

‘hugely eloquent narratives . . . well served by Wilson’s succinct and elegant text.’ – Morning Star (on The Many Not the Few)

Tales of the Tarot: Chapter 15 – The Devil

Tales of the Tarot is a weekly webcomic by Kaylee Pinecone, following the narrative of each card in the major arcana, from The Fool to The World. (Click here to see the full series!)

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#Veganuary: Vegan Plantain Mosa Recipe (guest post)

This is a special guest post by Tomi Makanjuola, aka The Vegan Nigerian. If you like this recipe, you should definitely check out Tomi’s cookbook, Plantain Cookbook, featuring 40+ vegan plantain recipes!

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Meet Natalie Dormady, creator of 365 Gentle Reminders

‘Doodling rainbows reminds me that storms will always end, and the light will return. Flowers and bumblebees remind me of how important each one of us are in this world.’

Natalie Dormady
Natalie Dormady, aka @littlearthlings – author, artist and creator of 365 Gentle Reminders

It’s a new year, and for many it’s a time of renewal and working toward a better relationship with themselves. We could all probably do with some self-compassion after the excess and family tensions that often come with the holidays, coupled with the deep darkness we experience in the winter (in our part of the world, at least!).

That’s why we’ve published 365 Gentle Reminders (just £9.99 during January 2020), a page-a-day book of positive, uplifting reminders illustrated by the inspiring Natalie Dormady. After battling with mental illnesses, Natalie found her passion for art while on her recovery journey, and she’s been sharing her Gentle Reminders on Instagram for a few years now. Get to know Natalie through our interview, below…

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#Veganuary: Meet Sara Botero, creator of The Essential Vegan Toolkit

Sara Botero, vegan activist, illustrator and creator of The Essential Vegan Toolkit

To celebrate Veganuary 2020, we’ve interviewed our resident vegan activist Sara Botero! As well as working with Liminal 11 on social media, book design and production and much more, Sara is a vegan activist, illustrator and creator of The Essential Vegan Toolkit (just £9.99 during January 2020).


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Tales of the Tarot: Chapter 14 – Temperance

Tales of the Tarot is a weekly webcomic by Kaylee Pinecone, following the narrative of each card in the major arcana, from The Fool to The World. (Click here to see the full series!)

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Get to know Alba Ballesta González, creator of White Numen Tarot

We’ve just announced another tarot deck for 2020! White Numen Tarot will be published in October 2020. Get to know the deck’s creator, Alba Ballesta González, in the interview below.

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Announcing White Numen Tarot by Alba Ballesta González

We are so excited to tell you that we have another tarot deck publishing in October 2020! Alba Ballesta González has been wowing fans (and us!) over on Instagram with her tarot artwork for a while now. We’re delighted to be publishing her White Numen Tarot deck!

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White Numen Tarot

White Numen Tarot

by Alba Ballesta González

978-1-912634-18-7 * £21.99 * published October 2020

The hugely anticipated White Numen Tarot by Alba Ballesta González is a masterpiece of beautiful hand-drawn art and exceptional colouring.

Sacred animal spirits (‘Numen’) are interwoven into the classical imagery of the tarot to create stunning cards that are both otherworldly and yet highly contemporary.

White Numen Tarot is an exemplary example of the very best that modern tarot can deliver!

Alba Ballesta González was born in a hot day of 199X somwhere along the Mediterranean. She co-founded Weba! Studio (animation and indie-games) while finishing her major in Fine Arts, where she continues to work as Art Director… (read more)

Kathryn Briggs

Kathryn Briggs is a comic creator, art teacher, and practicing art witch based in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Her love affair with comics began in 2012 while pursuing an MFA at Dundee University, Scotland.  She has created a variety of zines, comics, and even a deck of playing cards for Ess Publications, the small press she founded in 2013. 

She is the author and illustrator of Magpie, a collection of short comics from Throwaway Press, Triskelion, a self-published epic journey into the elements of story, and Story(cycle), a Masters thesis in comics form. 

When not creating art Kathryn teaches comics and pop-up art workshops.  She also plays D&D and spoils her cat rotten.

Visit Kathryn’s website and webshop

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter

Support Kathryn Briggs on Patreon

Kathryn’s projects for Liminal 11:

Watch this space!

Announcing Tillie Walden’s Cosmic Slumber Tarot

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the amazing Tillie Walden is bringing her incredible talent to the tarot! We will be publishing The Cosmic Slumber Tarot in October 2020.

EDIT: pre-orders are open now!

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Tillie Walden on her new tarot deck

Following our announcement of The Cosmic Slumber Tarot (publishing October 2020), we’re talking to Tillie Walden about her inspirations and influences, and what to expect from The Cosmic Slumber

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The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

by Tillie Walden



978-1-912634-17-0 * £21.99 * published October 2020

North America: 978-1-454943-09-9 * $24.95 * published October 2020

‘If the Universe were to sleep, where would her dreams lead?’

Hand-painted and bursting with colour, The Cosmic Slumber Tarot evokes imagery from subconscious and subliminal states. It’s a tarot deck energised by a soulful warmth from award-winning comics prodigy Tillie Walden.

Tillie Walden is a cartoonist and illustrator from Austin, Texas. Born in 1996, she is a graduate from the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. Over the course of her time at CCS she published The End of SummerI Love This Part and A City Inside with Avery Hill Publishing. She is also the creator of SpinningOn a Sunbeam and Are You Listening? She is a two-time Eisner nominee and Ignatz Award winner. Each year garnering new praise and awards for her wonderful, clean yet detailed illustrations, and her singular narrative voice, Tillie is a publishing powerhouse whose following, reputation and acclaim grow ever stronger.

Steven Bright

Steven Bright is the author of Tarot: Your Personal Guide (Quarto) and the creator of Spirit Within Tarot (Schiffer). He is also the co-founder and editor of The Esotoracle, a worldwide magazine dedicated to all forms of divination.

As well as writing for Watkins, Mind Body & Spirit, The Cartomancer and Take a Break Fate & Fortune, Steven has also presented at The UK Tarot Conference, The London Tarot Festival and the TABI conference in Birmingham. A keen collaborator, Steven has worked with Christiana Gaudet, Brigit Esselmonte and Tori Hartman, amongst others.

Visit Steven’s website

Follow Steven on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Read an interview about Steven’s work and The Esotoracle on our blog!

Read more about Spirit Within Tarot in our Top 5 Decks of 2018 roundup

Steven’s publications for Liminal 11:

Watch this space!

Tales of the Tarot: Chapter 13 – Death

Tales of the Tarot is a weekly webcomic by Kaylee Pinecone, following the narrative of each card in the major arcana, from The Fool to The World. (Click here to see the full series!)

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Happy publication day!

Happy publication day to three beautiful new Liminal 11 books! Covering three very different themes, we guarantee that at least one of these illustrated beauties will put a smile on your face.

Below is a bit more information about each book, plus links for you to order your copy!

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An interview with Folk Magic and Healing creator Fez Inkwright

We have a real treat for you today! We’ve interviewed the amazing Fez Inkwright: folklorist, conservationist, illustrator and the creator of Folk Magic and Healing (available now in our webshop).

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Tuned in to Tarot

This is a guest post by (Sarah) Bear (Cozzemera), who is behind Tuned in to Tarot. With very special thanks to our friends at Indie Deck Review for bringing us together!

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Tales of the Tarot: Chapter 12 – The Hanged Man

Tales of the Tarot is a weekly webcomic by Kaylee Pinecone, following the narrative of each card in the major arcana, from The Fool to The World. (Click here to see the full series!)

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Coming soon from Liminal 11

The edits are in, the print button has been pressed and now we can breathe a bit while we wait for our newest products to make their way to Liminal 11 HQ! We have three amazing books publishing in October, and Modern Witch Tarot is out in November.

Below you’ll find the info you need to get your hands on all of them!

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Celebrate our birthday with 25% off

 Hello friends! September 7th is Liminal 11’s second birthday, and to celebrate we’re offering 25% off our published titles and prints all weekend! Read on to see what’s on offer…

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An interview with Kim Arnold & Steven Bright

Today we’re absolutely thrilled to be talking to our friends Kim Arnold and Steven Bright, two of the UK tarot community’s best-known tarot readers – and, as you’ll see, they do much more than that!

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Tales of the Tarot: Chapter 11 – Justice

Tales of the Tarot is a weekly webcomic by Kaylee Pinecone, following the narrative of each card in the major arcana, from The Fool to The World. (Click here to see the full series!)

Tales of the Tarot - Justice
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Alba Ballesta González

Alba Ballesta was born in a hot day of 199X somwhere along the Mediterranean. She co-founded Weba! Studio (animation and indie-games) while finishing her major in Fine Arts, where she continues to work as Art Director. Her works are influenced by the three corners of a sacred triangle:

I: An eclectic vision on the arts, including references such as orientalist paintings, the universe of Jean Giraud and the art in motion by Hayao Miyazaki, but also the poetry of García Lorca and the Japanese Haiku;

II: A contemplative vision of everyday reality, which brings inspiration for her typical compositions filled with local birds and plants;

III: A strong connection with the dreams realm, where she finds the seeds of her inspirational tree.

Check out Alba on Artstation and Behance

Follow her on Instagram

Alba’s publications for Liminal 11:

White Numen Tarot

Tarot and Healing

This is a guest post by Wing (aka TarotMechanic) & Dana (aka MagentaStardust). With very special thanks to our friends at Indie Deck Review for bringing us together!

The deck used in the following photos is our Luna Sol Tarot – it’s currently out of stock, but we will be bringing out a new edition as soon as we can! Sign up to our newsletter for updates.

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Folk Magic and Healing Pre-Orders are Open!

We are delighted to share that pre-orders for Folk Magic and Healing by Fez Inkwright are now open! These beautiful books are published in October.

Pre-order Folk Magic and Healing here

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Jem Milton

Jem Milton (they/he) is a non-binary artist based in Glasgow. Originally from Gloucestershire, they attended Central St Martins in London before training with Scriberia Ltd, where they worked until 2017, before moving to Scotland to pursue a career as a freelance illustrator.

Jem makes illustrations, comics and infographics, along with graphic recording and running workshops on creative thinking and visual storytelling. They also make an ongoing webcomic called “The Flying Ship,” a queer fantasy adventure story inspired by Russian and Slavic folklore.

Recent books include: The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks by Amy Kean, a bestselling ‘feminist handbook’ for the modern age; Beyond This Place, a collection of comics based on the stories of Edinburgh Women; and Polly Who?, a collection of diary comics about love, queerness and polyamory.

Visit Jem’s website and online store

Support them on Patreon

Follow Jem on Instagram and Twitter

Jem’s publications for Liminal 11:

Watch this space!

Michi Mathias

Michi Mathias makes hand-drawn illustrations and observational comics with pen & ink and watercolour, somewhat wonky whilst still reasonably accurate and detailed. 

As an illustrator she enjoys the problem-solving of making complicated concepts clear. She is especially happy when she can help people doing good things for the world, working with universities, community organisations, small biz, environmental campaign groups and others. She has self-published a few zines and comics, sometimes about the absurdities and annoyances of real life, and is drawing her first graphic novel which re-tells a true story from 1897.

When not drawing, she might be found playing the fiddle or banjo and has done various freelance work over the years from renovating old houses to environmental work in Japan to making vegan sushi. 

Visit Michi’s website

Support her work on Patreon

Follow Michi on Instagram

Michi’s publications for Liminal 11:

Sketchy Vegan Cooking

Emma Burleigh

Emma is an award winning comics artist, a painter and an art teacher with a passion for the vibrant, glowing and mercurial qualities of watercolour.

She loves to share her practice and holds regular workshops to explore how art can support mindfulness, insight and well being. The classes focus on the mediums of watercolour painting, art journalling, and comics, zines & graphic narratives.

Emma has self published several zines and illustrated books. Her illustrations and paintings have appeared in a range of publications and galleries including Resurgence and Ecologist magazine, The Strumpet, Contemporary British Painting and the Royal West Academy. She’s also working on her auto-biographical graphic novel about meeting her birth mother who relinquished her for adoption, which won the ‘Laydeez do Comics Women’s Prize for Unpublished Graphic Novels in Progress’ in 2018.

For Emma, painting is a contemplative and intuitive activity informed by her spiritual practice. She began meditating in 2003 to help manage her stress as a young teacher in a busy secondary school and soon became hooked! From 2010 to 2012 she lived as a member of the Buddhist community at Gaia House in Devon and her meditation practice is still at the core of her life. She is a student of internationally respected Insight Meditation teacher, Yanai Postelnik, and was a long term student of Gaia House Resident Teacher, Rob Burbea.

Visit Emma’s shop or read more on her website

Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Emma’s publications for Liminal 11:

Watch this space!