Sean Michael Wilson is a graphic novel writer living in Scotland and Japan. His books are often on themes of history, biography and social issues. He has had more than twenty books published with a variety of US, UK and Japanese publishers, including: a comic book version of A Christmas Carol (‘Best of 2008’, Sunday Times), AX:alternative manga ( ‘Best ten books of 2010’, Publishers Weekly), Parecomic (with an introduction by Noam Chomsky, his first contribution to a book in graphic form) and several manga versions of Japanese classics, such as The Book of Five Rings, Hagakure and The 47 Ronin. In 2016 his book The Faceless Ghost was nominated for the prestigious Eisner Book Awards. In 2017, his book Secrets of the Ninja won an International Manga Award from the Japanese government – he is the first British person to receive this award. He has worked with a variety of organisations in the process, such as British universities and museums, Norwegian’s People’s Aid, the British and American Humanist Associations, Corporate Watch, War on Want and the Arts Council. He often gives lectures and talks about comics in schools and colleges, and has written articles for such places as The Japan Times, The London Economic and The Herald Scotland.

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Sean’s publications for Liminal 11:

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Enoki Liminal 11

Enoki is an award-winning comic artist who illustrates and animates for corporations around the globe. Guided by intuition and curiosity, Enoki creates with empathy, love, and courage with the hope to reach out and connect with others through her stories and art. Philosphy and loneliness, 1910s theatre, and sci-fi, are often themes inspired within her mysterious and elegant paintings. Enoki lives with many plants and practices Historical Fencing in Bristol, UK. Her favourite flower is the Peace Lily.

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If you don’t know her by now, we’re not sure where you’ve been! Tillie Walden – creator of one of the inaugural titles in our Mini Meditations series, Mini Meditations on Creativity – is the breakout star of the comics world, now with an Eisner Award under her belt for her graphic memoir Spinning.

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The Eight of Disks in the Luna Sol Tarot

By Darren Shill

With the Sun in Virgo and The Luna Sol Tarot being delivered from the printers, what finer time to reflect on that busy Minor Arcana, the Eight of Disks.

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Tales of the Tarot is a weekly webcomic by Kaylee Pinecone, following the narrative of each card in the major arcana, from The Fool to The World. (Click here to see the full series!)

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fool luna sol tarot

The Fool in The Luna Sol Tarot

By Darren Shill

It’s strange how one of the most interesting  Major Arcana cards (from a numerological perspective) arguably doesn’t have a number at all. Here is a Zero that could represent nothing but is the source of everything. It is the beginning and it is also the end.

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Constance Armitage lives between the worlds of art and technology. She began personifying hardware components and visualising concepts whilst studying Computer Science because it was the most effective (and fun) way for her to learn. Finding later that many others also learn in this way, her interest in using storytelling and art to explain abstract ideas grew. In a time where technological advancements are fuelled by greed, where ethics and social impact are afterthoughts, and change is increasingly fast-paced and complex, anxiety and stress are commonplace in many daily lives. Constance tries to promote a kinder, slower, calmer way of working and living through her art.

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Constance’s publications for Liminal 11:

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The Two of Cups in the Luna Sol Tarot (PLUS a special offer!)

By Darren Shill

There is something weird that happens between the Aces and the Twos in the tarot. Aces always feel special. All that potential and pure essence of the suit gives them a presence that stands apart from the other cards.

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Tales of the Tarot is a weekly webcomic by Kaylee Pinecone, following the narrative of each card in the major arcana, from The Fool to The World. (Click here to see the full series!)

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Liminal 11’s launch party!

We’re having a party to celebrate the publication of Liminal 11’s first titles and our official launch as a new publisher! And you’re invited!

Please join us on Thursday, 11 October 2018, at Gosh! Comics in London. (more about the event)

Mike Medaglia and Sarina Mantle will there signing copies of The Luna Sol Tarot and Women + Patterns + Plantsand we’ll also have copies of Mini Meditations on Creativity and Mini Meditations on Joy.

It’s been such an exciting journey from the initial seeds that led to Liminal 11’s founding to actually being able to hold our first titles in our hands. We absolutely can’t wait to celebrate, and we hope you’ll come and be a part of it!

To help give us an idea of how many to expect, please RSVP on Facebook.


In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new menu item at the top of our website… the Liminal 11 webshop is now open for pre-orders!

You can now reserve your copy of The Luna Sol Tarot by Mike Medaglia, Mini Meditations on Joy by Adam & Lisa Murphy, Mini Meditations on Creativity by Tillie Walden, Women + Patterns + Plants by Sarina Mantle, plus exclusive prints and The Luna Sol Tarot 2019 Calendar! You lucky thing, you.

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Our publications list is really growing, and we’re overjoyed to be able to share yet another with you! Sara Botero’s The Essential Vegan Toolkit is an illustrated guide about how (and why!) to go vegan FOR GOOD! We love Sara’s style, and we encourage you to head over to Instagram where you can follow her @qitiji.

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The Luna Sol Tarot 2019 Calendar

By Mike Medaglia

978-1-912634-06-4 * £11.99 * published 11th September 2018


A 2019 calendar full of uplifting images from Mike Medaglia’s Luna Sol Tarot deck.

For fans of artist Mike Medaglia and his new Luna Sol Tarot deck, The Luna Sol Tarot 2019 Calendar lets you enjoy Mike’s gorgeous tarot artwork throughout every month of the year. Includes lovely hand-drawn calendar grids!


Want the tarot deck too? Click here!


Mike Medaglia is the co-founder of Liminal 11. He is also author of the best-selling One Year Wiser series (SelfMadeHero), including a book of truly beautiful illustrated meditations, a colouring book, a gratitude journal and an illustrated guide to mindfulness. Mike has drawn and written for the Huffington Post on topics like gratitude, mindfulness, Zen and modern life. He was previously art editor at Jessica Kingsley Publishers working on a range of comics and graphic novels about topics like chronic pain, dementia, Asperger Syndrome, PTSD and anxiety.


By Sara Botero

978-1-912634-07-1 * price TBC * published autumn 2019


A lovely illustrated guidebook with everything you need to know to go vegan – for good!


The Essential Vegan Toolkit is the perfect guide for anyone interested in becoming vegan. It’s easier than ever to make this lifestyle change, so why not give it a go? Sara Botero’s charmingly bright illustrations will guide you on your way – and make you smile as well!

Pricing and further details will be announced soon. Watch this space!


Sara Botero was born in Colombia, and for as long as she can remember she has drawn and painted. Having grown up surrounded by nature, she is passionate about creating positive change and protecting our environment, which led her to study Environmental Science at University of Reading. After graduating, art once again became a big part of her life, but now she uses it to spread important messages such veganism, zero waste and intersectional feminism. Follow Sara on Instagram.

The Ace of Swords in The Luna Sol Tarot

By Sarah Wray

The Ace of Swords is a personal favourite of mine – one of those cards appeared in my earliest tarot readings, at exactly the moment I needed it to, and has appeared often since. It feels like something that’s connected to me at least for the moment. Frankly (and maybe a bit weirdly!) it feels like my card. It’s the first card I go looking for when I’m checking out a new deck. Usually identifying more with the watery emotions depicted by the cups suit (I am a Pisces, after all!), it’s necessary to come up for air from time to time and get some clarity. It certainly was for me on my 30th birthday, when I gave myself a reading while in a bit of a rut, and it has served as inspiration and reminder that, if I try, I can easily see what has to happen and, crucially, I already have all of the tools within me to set off on that path.

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We’re thrilled to announce our first webcomic! Created by Kaylee Pinecone and hosted on the Liminal 11 blog, Tales of the Tarot follows the story of each card in the major arcana, from The Fool to The World. We’ve always felt that tarot readings, with their image-led narratives, are a lot like comics, so it’s wonderful to bring this idea to life with Kaylee!

Chapter 0 – The Fool goes live on the 15th of August! (read it now

Kaylee Pinecone is an illustrator/content creator currently lost in a cornfield, somewhere in the Midwest… and we love her idea for this wonderful tarot comic! More from Kaylee: Shop * Blog * Twitter * Tumblr

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Liminal 11’s launch party!

We’re having a party to celebrate the publication of Liminal 11’s first titles and our official launch as a new publisher! And you’re invited!

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Behind the Back of The Luna Sol Tarot

By Darren Shill

This week’s Tarot Tuesday reveal was the picture you will see most frequently in Mike Medaglia’s The Luna Sol Tarot – the reverse of the card. This truly gorgeous image is largely self-explanatory; the glowing half-moon (Luna) beneath the blazing sun (Sol). But what may be less clear is the central symbol of black and white concentric lines. This it’s this element I will focus on here.

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