Mini Profiles: Elizabeth Gilbert

We love ending the week with one of our #MiniMeditations – every Friday afternoon, we reveal an image from Mini Meditations on Joy by Adam & Lisa Murphy or Mini Meditations on Creativity by Tillie Walden. It’s such a nice, positive way to draw a line under the work week (at least for those of us on a 9 to 5)! The amazing artistry of these illustrations speaks for itself… but what about the thinkers, writers and artists who gave us these inspiring quotes? We think the meaning goes even deeper when you know the human behind the thought. Recently, we profiled Brené Brown, and now we’re looking at Elizabeth Gilbert.

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The 7 of Discs in The Luna Sol Tarot

By Darren Shill

Amidst the height of summer, when we slow through necessity and often enjoy a break from toil, what finer card to reflect on than the 7 of Disks? Those fruitful Disks and gardening tools suggest that this respite did not happen by chance, some work and a little planning probably brought you to this stage of achievement. The card suggests you should take stock of this moment; be present and look around. If we constantly move from task to task where is the reward in life or, perhaps, when do we get a chance to be grateful for those rewards.

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How to Read Tarot Cards

by Darren Shill

Congratulations! You’ve chosen your deck! (Was it The Wild Unknown, RWS, Starchild, Thoth or an interesting Kickstarter? Do tell!) You’ve studied the meanings. You’ve told your friends that Destiny’s map is within your hands… But how do you actually read the tarot?

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women patterns plants sarina mantle

We are delighted to announce a new publication for autumn 2018: Women + Patterns + Plantsa self-care colouring book by the incredible Sarina Mantle. Featuring bold, empowering line-work that’s just crying out for your coloured pencils and felt pens!

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women patterns plants sarina mantle

Women + Patterns + Plants

by Sarina Mantle

978-1-912634-05-7 * £8.99 * published autumn 2018


A self-care colouring book from the multi-disciplined artist behind Wildsuga

Women + Patterns + Plants is a self-care colouring book made up of stunning black-and-white line work featuring women, patterns and plants. These bold illustrations are crying out for your coloured pencils and felt pens. Immerse in the divine feminine energy and wonderful natural imagery, and rekindle your creativity as you work your way through Sarina’s empowering drawings. This lovely little colouring book makes a perfect gift!


Sarina Mantle is a multidisciplined artist, mother, vocalist and designer who founded Wildsuga in 2008. Sarina seeks to preserve the handmade and express beauty and love through her artworks. Her many disciplines include sewing, pattern cutting, illustration, graphic design, surface design and jewellery making, all created to inspire the home, body and mind. She also teaches creative workshops.

woman patterns plants sarina mantle

hanged one luna sol tarot

The Hanged One in the Luna Sol Tarot

The Hanged One in the Luna Sol Tarot

By Darren Shill

There is a myth that is often repeated when discussing The Hanged One, and that is Odin’s suffering upon Yggdrasil, a giant ash tree known as the World Tree.

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kaylee davis

Kaylee Pinecone is a professional illustrator living and working in sunny Columbus, Ohio. Her illustrations have been seen on ​Buzzfeed, NY Daily News, Nerdist, The Guardian, and has since proliferated the internet. Her work, influenced by her background in screen printing, incorporates retro elements such as color palettes from the 1970s and 1980 video game aesthetics. Her favorite movie is Willow (it should be yours as well) and her hometown of Circleville is known for their ritualistic worship of the majestic pumpkin, a gourd. Recently she has created pint glass designs for the legendary Studio 35 Theater and she contributed to Scout ComicsLong Lost TPB. She is currently writing and illustrating the ongoing webcomic, Tales of the Tarot through Liminal 11.

Visit Kaylee’s website

Grab yourself some prints, stickers and enamel pins from her web shop 

Stay in touch with Kaylee on Twitter, Facebook and tumblr

Kaylee’s publications for Liminal 11:

Watch this space!

luna sol tarot

Creating the Luna Sol Tarot

By Mike Medaglia

At the time of writing this, I have been completely done the artwork for the Luna Sol Tarot for about a month. I feel just enough recovered from the emotional labour to begin to reflect on the process!

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Mini Meditations Brene Brown

Mini Profiles: Brené Brown

If you’ve been following us on social media, then you’ve surely seen our weekly image reveals from our Mini Meditations titles. (And if you haven’t? Well, you need to fix that!) Having shown off so many amazing illustrations from Tillie Walden (Mini Meditations on Creativity) and Adam & Lisa Murphy (Mini Meditations on Joy), we now want to turn our focus to the writers, artists and thinkers behind the quotes!

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star luna sol tarot

The Star in the Luna Sol Tarot

by Darren Shill

The tarot Star is always a pleasure. It’s a pleasure to see in a reading and a pleasure to think about (tarot nerd alert!). The Star is a card that, no matter how long I spend studying it, there always seem to be another level to discover. I seem to love what I don’t know about the card as much as I love what I do know. So it brings me a great deal of joy to talk about The Star in the Luna Sol Tarot!

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365 Gentle Reminders natalie dormady

A wave of excitement comes with this new publication announcement! We are so thrilled to be able to share that Liminal 11 will be publishing 365 Gentle Reminders by Natalie Dormady, who describes her work as “some friendly reminders from a girl who needs a few herself”. The warmth, care and compassion that go into Dormady’s work are immediately obvious, and her message of self-care is truly necessary in these turbulent times.

Natalie Dormady’s 365 Gentle Reminders will be published in autumn 2019. Until then, you can enjoy Gentle Reminders by Natalie on Instagram.

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365 Gentle Reminders natalie dormady

365 Gentle Reminders

by Natalie Dormady

978-1-912634-04-0 * price TBC * published autumn 2019


A lovely, life-affirming reminder for every day of the year from artist Natalie Dormady.

365 Gentle Reminders is a beautiful book of 365 illustrated reminders that are filled with warmth and affirmation, created by Natalie Dormady (the artist behind the popular Gentle Reminders Instagram account).

With a message and drawing for each day of the year – including ‘You are enough’, ‘You are not alone’, ‘You are important and your life matters’, ‘It’s ok to let go’ and ‘It’s ok if all you did today was survive’ – this book will wrap the reader in a positive embrace and help them find the strength they need to get through the day.

Pricing and further details will be announced soon. Watch this space!


Natalie Dormady is an author and artist from Toronto, Canada. After battling with mental illnesses, she found her passion for art while on her recovery journey. Her work is inspired by mental health, the natural world and kindness expressed through simple but powerful words and images. She loves sharing gentle reminders with the world (as well as cute pictures of dogs!) in the hopes of brightening people’s day.

365 gentle reminders sample

2018 London Tarot Festival

The 2018 London Tarot Festival

By Darren Shill

Following a highly enjoyable Saturday spent with Mike Medaglia around Finsbury Park, I wanted to report back on the 2018 London Tarot Festival. Using the lovely space of Platform, Kim Arnold, Geraldine Beskin and Bali Beskin have arranged the festival over two levels. The main area downstairs housing a number of stalls, tarot readers (top tip – book your spot as soon as you arrive!) and a space for the free talks. Then upstairs, a modern theatre space was used for guest talks, which you could either pay per talk or gain entry to all via a golden ticket.

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jack kornfield liminal 11

Jack Kornfield is an author, Buddhist practitioner and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West. Over the years, Jack has taught in centers and universities worldwide, led International Buddhist Teacher meetings, and worked with many of the great teachers of our time. He is the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts and the Spirit Rock Center in Woodacre, California. Jack’s books have been translated into 20 languages and sold more than a million copies.

Read more about all that Jack does on his website.

You can connect with Jack on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Jack’s publications for Liminal 11:

Watch this space for more information!

king disks luna sol tarot

The King of Disks in the Luna Sol Tarot

By Darren Shill

As the first Court card to be revealed in the Luna Sol Tarot, there are a few things within the King of Disks that you would not notice unless the full deck was laid out before you. However, seeing as you’ve taken the trouble to read our blog, the least I can do is share some secrets! But first, some basics:

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lisa sterle modern witch tarot

An Interview With Lisa Sterle

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve probably seen us shouting about the very exciting news that we’ll be publishing Lisa Sterle’s truly fabulous Modern Witch Tarot in autumn 2019. Thanks to Lisa’s incredible fans and their overwhelmingly positive response to her work, we saw a few snippets of the deck (one of our favourites is the Ten of Swords, shown above) and just had to jump on the chance to publish it.

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6 swords luna sol

6 of Swords in the Luna Sol Tarot

By Darren Shill

The suit of Swords is not always looked on kindly by tarot readers. Maybe this is repaying the favour, as Swords represent the element of air, the realm of the intellect, and as such can at times be emotionally cold, perhaps even verging on the cruel. And maybe we feel a little bias when borrowing the Eastern concept that the intellectual mind is something to be overcome in our spiritual development (which is strange when you are told the Ace of Swords is probably the most spiritual of all four Aces). Either way, it is not uncommon for a reader to occasionally wince as if sliced by the card when a Sword appears.
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The Modern Witch Tarot Lisa Sterle

The Modern Witch Tarot

by Lisa Sterle

978-1-912634-03-3 * price TBC * published autumn 2019


A youthful, contemporary take on traditional tarot imagery by Long Lost and Submerged illustrator Lisa Sterle

The Modern Witch Tarot is a stylish interpretation of the tarot by acclaimed illustrator Lisa Sterle.

Marrying traditional symbolism with youthful, stylish characters and items from our modern lives, this bright and colourful deck brings a bit of fun to the tarot!

Pricing and further details will be announced soon. Watch this space!


Lisa Sterle, comic artist and illustrator from Columbus Ohio, is on a mission to create narratives of women discovering their own magic and strength from within. Her first foray from illustration into comics was with the release of horror comic Long Lost (2017) which was met with critical acclaim. She is now finishing Long Lost, while working on a new upcoming horror title, Submerged.