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An Interview With Lisa Sterle

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve probably seen us shouting about the very exciting news that we’ll be publishing Lisa Sterle’s truly fabulous Modern Witch Tarot in autumn 2019. Thanks to Lisa’s incredible fans and their overwhelmingly positive response to her work, we saw a few snippets of the deck (one of our favourites is the Ten of Swords, shown above) and just had to jump on the chance to publish it.

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6 swords luna sol

6 of Swords in the Luna Sol Tarot

By Darren Shill

The suit of Swords is not always looked on kindly by tarot readers. Maybe this is repaying the favour, as Swords represent the element of air, the realm of the intellect, and as such can at times be emotionally cold, perhaps even verging on the cruel. And maybe we feel a little bias when borrowing the Eastern concept that the intellectual mind is something to be overcome in our spiritual development (which is strange when you are told the Ace of Swords is probably the most spiritual of all four Aces). Either way, it is not uncommon for a reader to occasionally wince as if sliced by the card when a Sword appears.
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The Modern Witch Tarot Lisa Sterle

The Modern Witch Tarot

by Lisa Sterle

978-1-912634-03-3 * price TBC * published autumn 2019


A youthful, contemporary take on traditional tarot imagery by Long Lost and Submerged illustrator Lisa Sterle

The Modern Witch Tarot is a stylish interpretation of the tarot by acclaimed illustrator Lisa Sterle.

Marrying traditional symbolism with youthful, stylish characters and items from our modern lives, this bright and colourful deck brings a bit of fun to the tarot!

Pricing and further details will be announced soon. Watch this space!


Lisa Sterle, comic artist and illustrator from Columbus Ohio, is on a mission to create narratives of women discovering their own magic and strength from within. Her first foray from illustration into comics was with the release of horror comic Long Lost (2017) which was met with critical acclaim. She is now finishing Long Lost, while working on a new upcoming horror title, Submerged.


If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media, then you’ll know that we share our #MiniMeditations every Friday afternoon. We think it’s the perfect positive note to end the working week on. Who doesn’t need an uplifting boost after a long week – or any time, really?!

Mini Meditations is our series of life-affirming quotes from the best historical thinkers, writers and artists. To bring these quotes to life, we bring in incredible comic artists who embody that subjects at hand. So far, we have two Mini Meditations titles on the schedule, but we have plenty more to announce!

For those who have missed our image reveals, we’re rounding them up here for all to see!

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The cards can be a real mystery! (Image from

7 tips for becoming a better tarot reader

By Sarah Wray

A little while back, I talked about being a total tarot newbie. I shared my experience of picking a deck that suited me and getting to know the craft. I was, and perhaps still am, The Fool. Now, having spent a few months with my tarot cards, I’m feeling more confident in my ability to read and interpret the cards. I still have a long way to go – there is SO much to interpret, after all! – but I wanted to share the ways in which I’ve been developing my tarot skills. Who knows? It may help some fellow beginners!

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The High Priestess from The Luna Sol Tarot

by Darren Shill

This week’s card from Mike Medaglia’s Luna Sol Tarot is The High Priestess. It is another beautiful card bursting with meaning.

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Natalie Dormady is an author and artist from Toronto, Canada. After battling with mental illnesses, she found her passion for art while on her recovery journey. Her work is inspired by mental health, the natural world and kindness expressed through simple but powerful words and images. She loves sharing gentle reminders with the world (as well as cute pictures of dogs!) in the hopes of brightening people’s day.

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Sarina Mantle is a multidisciplined artist, mother, vocalist and designer who founded Wildsuga in 2008. Sarina seeks to preserve the handmade and express beauty and love through her artworks. Her many disciplines include sewing, pattern cutting, illustration, graphic design, surface design and jewellery making, all created to inspire the home, body and mind. She also teaches creative workshops.

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Lisa Sterle, comic artist and illustrator from Columbus Ohio, is on a mission to create narratives of women discovering their own magic and strength from within. Her first foray from illustration into comics was with the release of horror comic Long Lost (2017) which was met with critical acclaim. She is now finishing Long Lost, while working on a new upcoming horror title, Submerged.

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Lisa’s publications for Liminal 11:

The Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot Lisa Sterle

Modern Witch Tarot Lisa Sterle

We are overjoyed to share with you a project very close to our hearts: The Modern Witch Tarot by the fabulous Lisa Sterle! Lisa is the creator of critically-acclaimed horror comic Long Lost and is well-known for her bright, expressive illustrations (we highly encourage you to visit Lisa’s website to drool over her stunning work). The logo was designed by Kaylee Davis.

The Modern Witch Tarot is a fun take on the tarot, marrying traditional symbolism with youthful, stylish characters and items from our modern lives. This is a deck we’ve had our eyes on for quite a while now, and we are over the moon to be publishing it in autumn 2019!

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Modern Witch tarot cards Lisa Sterle

The Slow Holler Tarot (see below)

Top 5 Tarot Decks in Need of a Reprint

By Darren Shill

Tarot deck collectors have have not suffered from lack of choice for a long time now. I remember how difficult it was to pick one from all of the available options when choosing my first deck back in the ’80s. But now, with crowdfunding and the ability to place pre-orders online, the number of different decks out there has truly exploded!

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The 7 of Cups from the Luna Sol Tarot

by Darren Shill

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the tarot contains a few apparently dark themes. Pop culture often focuses on cards like Death, The Devil and The Hanged Man; maybe that’s because, unfortunately, nothing sells like bad news*. And if you’re of an older generation, maybe you get an unsettling Tales of The Unexpected or Live and Let Die vibe (if a gif exists of Roger Moore looking weird when Solitaire reveals The Lovers, please no-one send it to me). It might not be until your first proper look that you see the cards that fizz with joy, like The Sun, 10 of cups or The Aces. Of course, if the tarot is going to reflect life, then it needs to cover the full spectrum of our experiences, both difficult and wonderful.

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Sarah’s personal tarot starter kit

How do I get into tarot?

By Sarah Wray

Everybody has to start somewhere! Sarah Wray, Liminal 11’s Marketing & Publicity Manager, is a total newbie when it comes to tarot. In this post, she shares her early experiences of choosing a tarot deck, learning to do tarot readings and opening her mind to the positive effects that tarot can have on your life. From the perspective of a total novice, she offers some advice to help fellow tarot beginners take their first steps.

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Temperance from Mike Medaglia’s Luna Sol Tarot


by Darren Shill

It’s been an exciting few weeks for Liminal 11, not least because we’ve finally started unveiling the beautiful images that make up Mike Medaglia’s positive, warm deck, The Luna Sol Tarot! After many months of planning and gushing over other creators’ decks, it felt like a long wait to finally show you these cards. It feels great to have them out in the world! In case you missed them, Strength and the Ace of Wands are pictured below.

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The Tower by A Miyako M

The Tower from A Miyako M’s Major Arcana

by Darren Shill

During the last few weeks, we have principally focused on individual cards from Mike Medaglia’s Luna Sol Tarot. This week, I wanted to look at a single card from someone else’s deck: The Tower by Addi Miyako. Addi, from San Jose, California, finished a successful Kickstarter campaign in early February this year for a deck of 22 Major Arcana, all rendered in stunning water colours. This Tarot deck came either with velvet bags or furoshiki wrapping cloths, the latter produced by a local San Jose business, Nichi Bei Bussan.

Addi’s cards are mostly close-up portraits of individuals bearing the essential essence the tarot archetypes. There are two notable exceptions, however: The Wheel of Fortune, where a hand tattooed with many of the traditional symbols holds a beautiful coloured wheel adorned with cyclical markings. View Post

The Ace of Wands from Mike Medaglia’s Luna Sol Tarot

Ace of Wands from the Luna Sol Tarot

by Darren Shill

Last week, we revealed the first Major Arcana card from the Luna Sol Tarot: Strength. Now we move into the Minor Arcana, and how apt that we start with an Ace; even more so that it is the Ace of Wands, the suit that is commonly ordered before the others, and with reason. Wands in the tarot have a natural twig-like appearance, often with green budding shoots, as opposed to being some finely-crafted mystical tool. Nature has kindly performed all the hard work here. Wands are a natural wonder! View Post

Sarah Hunt began her journey with yoga in 2007 in Vancouver and immediately began to realise all of the benefits. She attended many teaching workshops throughout this time and became a certified yoga instructor in 2009. Sarah joined the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition the year after and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2010. She moved to London in 2011 and loves working with people in this area of the world. Sarah loves the simplicity of real food and gentle yoga, which together combine to form a holistic and healthy way of living. She enjoys sharing the benefits of these practices with others. Sarah’s yoga classes are designed to work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. While they are strengthening, cleansing and detoxifying, they also address issues of stress reduction, clarity and focus, patience, body awareness and personal challenges

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Adam & Lisa Murphy are the team behind the wonderful ongoing series for The Phoenix Comic: Corpse Talk, where historical figures reveal their stories, and Lost Tales, beautiful re-tellings of unusual and lesser known folk-tales from around the globe. Adam has run many workshops for adults and kids including appearances at the Edinburgh Book Festival, Hay Literary Festival and many primary and secondary schools across the UK.

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Mini Meditations on Joy