There’s More to a Flower than Just Pretty Petals and a Pleasing Scent

Botanical Curses and Poisons book by Fez Inkwright

Fez Inkwright previews some favourite anecdotes from plant folklore book Botanical Curses and Poisons!

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White Numen Tarot release date

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Festival of Midwinter: Traditions and Plants

There are more ways to see the season through than just with eggnog and Santa hats

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Tarot Spread: 11 days of Yule Draw

11 days of Yuletide tarot reading

“On the first day of Yuletide my Tarot said to me …”

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Karen French

The patterns underlying life have always fascinated Karen. Why are they there? What do they mean? How can we use them? Originally Karen studied Mathematics and Management Sciences and then spent many years in international marketing, during which time she was published on several occasions. 

Over the last 20 years she has explored her passion for archetypal symbolism, especially sacred geometry and devoted her time to extensive research across all the disciplines. As an international author she is well known for her books in The Gateway Series. Current titles include Gateway to the Heavens: How geometric patterns and symbols form our reality and The Hidden Geometry of Life: The science and spirituality of nature (both published by Watkins Publishing Ltd). 

Karen enjoys sharing her knowledge about the science and mathematics behind numbers, shapes and colours, their roles in forming reality, and their use as symbols and tools in the Arts and spirituality. For many years she had been a speaker at events ranging from conferences to small groups for a diverse range of people and interest groups.

This merging of science, art and symbolism, is a type of alchemy that Karen also uses in her own abstract artwork. Her paintings are visual expressions of science manifesting reality, combined with the power of intent in Mind to elicit various responses from the viewer, such as healing, guidance and inspiration. These same principles are embedded in the premise and designs of her game designs, ranging from self development to family fun.

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Karen’s projects for Liminal 11:

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All the Places in Between

All the Places in Between

By John Cei Douglas

978-1-912634-23-1 * £11.99 * Published April 2021


A silent sequential narrative journey exploring mental health and our sense of self.

‘There are empty spaces that must be respected, those often long periods when a person can’t see the pictures or find the words and needs to be left alone.’ – Tove Jansson, Fair Play

Through wordless black and white illustrations, John Cei Douglas empathetically shows the struggle to communicate how things feel when we get lost, and the wrenching effort that comes from dealing with anxiety and depression, over the course of an at times surreal and surprising journey. 

A quietly beautiful meditation on the seemingly endless paths we try to take simply to get back to the place we think we should be, and all the obstacles we encounter along the way, All the Places in Between offers a comforting reminder that we’re not always alone on this journey…  

John Cei Douglas is a freelance illustrator based in London with a particular interest in stories, comics and self publishing, epitomised by his narrative approach to illustration. He has worked with a variety of clients and projects over the years and developed a strong identifiable lyrical style for his work, often closely linked with themes of mental health and relationships, through picture books and comics to editorial pieces.

The Spirit of Japan

The Spirit of Japan

Festivals, Rituals and Everyday Magic

From the creators of The Garden

written by Sean Michael Wilson
illustrated by Fumio Obata

978-1-912634-30-9 * £11.99 * Published 10 June 2021


An introduction to everyday Japanese rituals and spiritual practices.

Japan is sometimes called a ‘non-religious’ country, but this cliché is simply not true! If we look closer, we find that spirits, demons and magic are woven into the fabric of Japanese folklore and their effigies still populate roadsides and rituals to this day.

Japan is alive with magical festivals, practices and rituals – from marking the liminal new year with the burning of last year’s possessions, to smiling at the return of spring in the cherry blossoms. Greeting new life, making offerings to the old and banishing demons with the hurl of a soybean are all examples of intriguing Japanese traditions.

Many of these cultural practices are seen as mundane or normal, but they each express something sublime and numinous. Japanese rituals perform a powerful role in helping people deal with nature, time, seasons, aging and death – bringing a bit of everyday magic into everyday lives.

The Spirit of Japan is an accessible introduction to Japanese spiritual practice, perfect for those who are curious about spirituality or Japanese culture and would like to know more.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Value of Magic in Everyday Lives 
New Year Rituals 
Out Demons! Setsubun (節分) Bean Throwing 
Obon (お盆) Ancestors 
Jizo (地蔵) Roadside Shrines 
Funeral and Death Rituals 
Omikuji (おみくじ) and Other Fortune Charms 
Hanami (花見) Spring Ritual 
Hanabi (花火) Fireworks 
Land Cleansing Ritual 
Rituals at Shrines and Temples 
Recent Foreign Festivals in Japan 
Iro Iro (Various Things) 

Sean Michael Wilson is a writer living in Scotland and Japan. His books are often on themes of history, biography and social issues. He has had more than twenty books published with a variety of US, UK, and Japanese publishers. His 2016 book The Faceless Ghost was nominated for an Eisner Award. In 2017, his book Secrets of the Ninja won an International Manga Award. (read more)

Fumio Obata is an illustrator and animator whose style and work are influenced by both Japanese and European aesthetics. He is latest graphic novel Just So Happens (Jonathan Cape, 2014) was critically acclaimed
and been published in eight languages. (read more)

How Are Tarot Cards Connected?

Another story is being told right under your fingertips…

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Simple Tarot Deck-Orations

A Christmas tree decorated with tarot card 'ornaments' using Modern Witch Tarot
Lisa Sterle’s Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Deck The Halls With…Tarot Cards And Holly Fa-La-La-La-La

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Elizabeth Kim

Elizabeth Kim is a London-based writer and the editor of Cunning Folk, an independent magazine about magic, mythology, folklore, and the occult. 

She has written for publications including BBC Culture, The Guardian, The Independent, Refinery29, Oh Comely, and the LA Review of Books

Visit Elizabeth’s website

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Elizabeth’s projects for Liminal 11:

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Kaitlynn Copithorne

Kaitlynn Copithorne is a freelance illustrator, visual artist, and folklore enthusiast living in Mohkinstsis/Calgary, Canada.

Working in both digital and traditional mediums, her work is inspired by the intersection of the supernatural world and the mundane, with a particular fascination with the witchcraft traditions of Early Modern Europe. Magic and nature have played a major role in her development as an artist, and the conflicts and compatibilities between the natural, man-made, mundane, and magical worlds are common themes in her work.

Stylistically, her illustrations are heavily influenced by the etchings and woodblock prints of the Medieval and Early Modern periods, combined with the graphic shapes and limited color palettes of silkscreen printing.

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Kaitlynn’s projects for Liminal 11:

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Psychotherapy and The Tarot

Three of Cups from the Luna Sol Tarot

One reflects the ups and downs of life, the other helps you to deal with them more effectively. Viewed that way, one can perfectly complement the other, but how?

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Why You Should Interview Your Tarot Deck

Image: Lisa Strele's Modern Witch Tarot Deck and Journal.
Image: Lisa Strele’s Modern Witch Tarot Deck and Journal.

Getting to know your tarot deck is as easy as one, two … uh, six?

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Free Coloring Page from Women + Patterns + Plants

Download a free printable coloring page from Women + Patterns + Plants by Sarina Mantle!

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Last Call for 2020 Webshop Orders

Liminal 11 will not be shipping webshop orders between December 19th, 2020 and January 3rd, 2021

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Anatomy of a Card: The New Chapter Tarot’s Ace Of Swords

The Ace of Swords from The New Chapter Tarot by Kathryn Briggs

The Ace of Swords in The New Chapter Tarot is a treasure trove of symbolism!

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How To Do An Intuitive Tarot Reading

Intuitive tarot readings with The Cosmic Slumber Tarot (Ten of Pentacles, The Night bonus card, Ace of Swords)

Overwhelmed by card meanings? This method is key to unlocking the tarot…

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Scrapbooking the Tarot

A page from Nancy Hendrickson's tarot journal scrapbook – about a new Ancestral tarot project

Nancy Hendrickson discusses scrapbooking as a form of tarot journaling.

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How To Keep A Tarot Journal (Part 2)

The Fool tarot card with notes about its symbolism

How to develop an intuitive tarot reading style through journaling

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What Is Samhain? Diving Into The Ancient Origins Of Halloween

Samhain journal page with three glowing candles

Dark secrets hidden within the ancient roots of Halloween…

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How To Celebrate Samhain 2020: Rituals, Spells, Tarot Spreads, And More…

Not sure how to celebrate the witches’ new year? Look no further!

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Happy publication day: The Cosmic Slumber Tarot and Modern Witch Tarot Journal

We’ve released four AMAZING tarot publications today and they’re now shipping from our webshop!

Read on to see what’s available and where to order…

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How To Keep A Tarot Journal (Part 1)

Why using a tarot journal is the best way to develop your tarot reading skills.

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Anatomy Of A Card: How The Fool’s meaning changes across different decks

Exploring the many faces of The Fool tarot card by observing the symbolism across different decks.

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Tarot Spread: Dream Path of the Spheres

Approach this tarot spread as if it were a dream. Keep the barrier to the subconscious as thin as possible and let the dream flow…

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Jack Fallows

Jack Fallows is an illustrator, cartoonist, model maker, game designer and musician who was born and raised in Newcastle and now lives and works in Leeds, UK. Jack has been self-publishing comics and zines since 2001 and founded the Paper Jam Comics Collective in 2007; the group has since published dozens of inclusive collaborative anthologies and held exhibitions, film screenings, live music events and more. Jack was an editor, gallery coordinator, cover artist and contributor to the 2016 British Science Festival’s Asteroid Belter kids comic.

In addition to being a qualified primary school teacher, Jack has also been running comic and art workshops since 2008 – both as a freelancer and as part of East Street Arts’ community outreach program. In 2017, Jack began self-publishing the monthly illustrated puzzle story Cryptogram Puzzle Post and now works on the project full-time. In the same year, and in collaboration with Thought Bubble Festival and Leeds Light Night, Jack created an interactive, immersive puzzle exhibition entitled The Lost Forest, which drew thousands of visitors across two evenings.

Notable past works include the Axolotl series of diary comics and accompanying prose zine The Unstraight A; the band Skull Puppies and the collection of solo music Compilation; record art and show posters for Jeffrey Lewis, Martha, O’Messy Life, Charly Bliss and Modern Baseball; and commercial design work for Newcastle University, NARC, The Crack and the LGBT Foundation.

Find Jack online at

Check out his webshop!

Connect with Jack on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Jack’s publications for Liminal 11:

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Announcing The New Chapter Tarot: A Tarot For Tarot-Lovers

Tarot is a journey. It takes us further inside ourselves, guiding us as we face some of life’s toughest moments. And for artist Kathryn Briggs, the most difficult of these moments gave rise to an incredible act of creation.

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First Look: 2021 Tarot & Oracle Publications

A first look at Liminal 11’s tarot and oracle publications for 2021!

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The Oracle Creator

The Oracle Creator: The Modern Guide to Creating a Tarot or Oracle Deck

by Steven Bright

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978-1-912634-35-4 * £12.99 (UK) $16.95 (US) $22.95 (CAN)

Published autumn 2021

From one of the UK’s best known tarot personalities comes a guide for creating and publishing your own tarot or oracle deck.

Oracles have been in existence for as long as human beings have been around. Across time, the practise of divination has evolved from using the reflections of clouds in water to decks of cards and is now as popular as ever. People have always been intrigued by the unseen hand of fate. . .

In The Oracle Creator: The Modern Guide to Creating a Tarot or Oracle Deck, Steven Bright examines the benefits of building an oracle deck, plus practical tips for turning the deck in your head into a reality!

Bright considers every aspect to creating an oracle deck, from the initial idea to approach publishers and marketing your work. Complete with interviews from a variety of oracle creators and publishers large and small, The Oracle Creator has you covered through every step of the process!

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The Seed and the Sickle Oracle

the seed and the sickle oracle

The Seed and the Sickle Oracle

by Fez Inkwright

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978-1-912634-34-7 * £21.99 (UK) $24.95 (US) $34.95 (CAN)

Published autumn 2021

An oracle deck that centres on the cycle of sowing and harvest, exploring themes of productivity and rest.

One to wither, one to grow;
One for the sidhe and one for the crow.

The cycle of sowing and harvest is one that we see reflected around us every day . . . There are times for productivity and there are times for rest. The Seed and the Sickle Oracle deck is designed to encourage reflection on both of these.

Each card carries two meanings; one for times when moving forward is important, and one to help cultivate your own wellbeing. Whether you are sowing seeds for your next big project or harvesting rewards for a period of rest, The Seed and the Sickle will accompany you on this journey.

From Fez Inkwright, creator of the illustrated folklore books Folk Magic and Healing and Botanical Curses and Poisons.

the seed and the sickle oracle deck

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