‘Liminal 11 is a mind, body, spirit publishing company with a focus on illustration/comic arts. Our aim is to create products that are of benefit to the world and produced by a diverse range of voices’.

Liminal 11 is a mind, body and spirit publisher well known for the creation of the ground-breaking Modern Witch Tarot that has sold almost 550,000 copies worldwide and has featured as a recommended deck in Vogue as well as the NY Times, Forbes and many more.  Since The Luna Sol and Modern Witch Tarot Liminal 11 have created an all-star cast of Tarot Decks, colouring books, Comics and more that have often featured at the number one spot on Amazon for fortune-telling.

From humble beginnings and a tale of two friends…

Darren and Kay first met in 2011 at a comics discussion group at Gosh Comics London, where Illustrator Sarah McIntyre the organisers unknowingly immortalised the moment in a little comic drawing of the reading group that day. Since that moment Darren and Kay kept in touch expressing their shared love of comic books, Darren’s passion for tarot and Kay’s career as an artist. Like two sides of a coin Darren was learning all there was about business and Kay was researching how publishing worked, until one day that coin dropped when Darren spotted a message on Kay’s website ‘You should make a tarot deck.’  It sounded like a brilliant idea at the time, so they tempered their ideas and between them and a business was forged. Liminal 11.

Founded in 2017 Liminal 11 started its life from two home offices, where the dreaming of the Luna Sol tarot became solid reality and sold out within the first year. From there they approached creators and illustrators with shared values and exciting visions to compile some of the first publications. Here they discovered Tillie Walden a rising star and comic prodigy, and then Lisa Sterle who brought the ground-breaking Modern Witch Tarot to life, and on that shooting star Liminal 11 set its name amongst the tarot stars and since then have worked with some amazing creators to publish Mind, Body and Spirit books, comics, Tarot Decks and more. You can find out more about our creators here, and our publications here.

Meet the Founders…

Kay Medaglia is a strong believer in taking time to focus on wellbeing and has been a vegan for (x years) to tread a gentler path and inspire others. They are always trying new trends and hobbies, as they have a love for learning about new passions and cultures, most recently that has been skateboarding. However, their steadfast passion is Magic the Gathering, and they have been an avid collector and player for many years, though tarot and MTG are rather different, Kay is always pushing to bring that passion into Liminal 11 Publications. How that may form is unknown… but knowing Kay it’s going to be wild and wonderful!

Titles by Kay Medaglia

Professionally Kay started in self-publishing many years ago where they edited a comics anthology exploring ideas of spirituality called Wu Wei. This eventually led to them to produce the bestselling inspirational One Year Wiser series published by SelfMadeHero. Kay was also an art editor at Jessica Kingsley Publishers for a number of years, where they produced a line of comic books about subjects such as dementia, PTSD and Asperger’s Syndrome. At the beginning of 2017 they became a full-time author/artist and focused on home life with their partner and adorable Cockapoo Birch, until it was time to start Liminal 11. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram @kaymedaglia.

Daves Comic book shop in Brighton

Darren Shill has been a passionate reader of the tarot for himself and others for over 30 years. Breaking his fear of public reading whilst travelling Southern Europe and more recently running workshops at the UK Tarot Conference. But longer than that still Darren is an enthusiastic comic book collector. He remembers every summer spent at his grandfathers would be met with a trip to the local second-hand comic bookstore, Dave’s in Brighton, and still has his first ever purchases with discount stickers attached. These days you can find him around Gosh Comics in London picking up the latest titles and if you listen close enough you might just hear his batman text tone. 

Professionally, Darren worked for 14 years at the private equity management firm Electra Partners, where he was Financial Controller and Partner. During that time, he was involved in the fund raising of a €1bn and a €1.25bn European fund and administered one of London’s oldest and most successful listed private equity investment trusts, Electra Private Equity. Between his financial career and Liminal 11, Darren developed his love of cooking, and the practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @darren_shill.

Where is Liminal 11 going next?

Spoiler We have more beautiful decks and books coming out…

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