The Divine Feminine Self-Discovery Colouring Journal

By Sarina Mantle

978-1-912634-36-1 * £14.99 (UK) $16.99 (US) $22.99 (CAN)

Nurture your divine feminine energy with colouring and inspirational poetry.

This book explores all aspects of the maiden, mother and wild woman archetypes by featuring transformative illustrations that will take you on a journey through divine feminine states. 

Anyone can embody these archetypes; The Divine Feminine Self-Discovery Coloring Journal encourages you to harness the feminine energy within yourself, no matter how you identify. 

Sarina blends the practices of yoga, colouring, mindfulness, and meditation to produce a book intended for reflection and personal growth.

What will you learn about your inner goddess?

Sarina Mantle is a multi-disciplined artist, mother, vocalist, and designer who founded the brand Wildsuga in 2008. Sarina seeks to preserve the handmade and express beauty and love through her artworks. Her many disciplines include sewing, pattern cutting, illustration, graphic design, surface design and jewellery making, all created to inspire the home, body and mind. She also teaches creative workshops.

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