Mystical Medleys: A Vintage Cartoon Tarot Poster Book

By Gary Hall

978-1-912634-71-2 * £19.99 (UK) $22.99 (US) $29.99 (CAN) * Publishing June 2023

The Mystical Medleys Vintage Cartoon Poster Book is the latest instalment from Gary Hall, who brought you the bestselling Mystical Medleys Tarot Deck! This bold and unique poster book includes 23 pull-out posters of each major arcana tarot card in the vintage cartoon style you know and love!

Printed on high-quality paper, each picture can be pulled out and framed for your wall, or you can use the book to explore the tarot during readings. Whichever card is your favourite, you’ll find it here, along with a special foiled edition of The Devil card!

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