The Citadel Oracle Special Edition is here!

The Citadel Oracle deck is finally here; follow this link to pre-order your special edition copy today!

The exclusive special edition of this deck, limited to 2,000 copies, will be shipped out with FREE worldwide shipping on April 3rd 2023, followed by the standard edition of the deck, which will be released on May 2nd.

In the special edition, you’ll find:

– An exclusive edition of The Citadel oracle deck; 60 octagonal cards with individually foiled fronts and crimson-sprayed edges. The guidebook contains a chapter explaining how to use the cards to generate your own tabletop games, encounters, and locations – and even introduce divination into your games!

– The exclusive bonus deck, The Deck of Emblems, can be used as its own oracle deck, as a unique clarifier deck, or as an expansion deck to The Citadel. The deck features 30 octagonal cards with foiled fronts and black sprayed edges.

– The Spymaster’s Gambit: A 2-4 session tabletop campaign based in the location of the Citadel, designed for integration with any TTRPG system. Bonus appendices include how to use the Deck of Emblems cards as in-game magic items and story prompt, how to introduce Citadel cards as game characters, and advice on how to use the cards to generate new adventures and stories.

– A brass, double-sided yes/no clarifier coin for those tricky questions.

– A stunning faux book-style box with a linen cover and foiled details. Even better – the cover folds out twice to create a card reading mat, dice mat, or DM screen! Inside is printed a full-size map of the Citadel and surrounding lands.

– A certificate of authenticity with a limited edition number, hand-signed by the creator.

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