Earth Color

An eight week mixed-media art course to support you to re-wild your imagination, nurture your love of nature and cultivate self care through art making outdoors.

by Emma Burleigh

978-1-912634-48-4 * £12.99 (UK) / $16.99 (US) / $22.99 (CAN) * Release date 17th May 2022

Have you ever wanted to dip your paintbrush into the fiery hues of a perfect sunset? Do faces leap out of tree trunks as you pass them by? The world around us is alive in so many ways — you just need to know where to look.

Earth Color unveils the kaleidoscope of nature, teaching you how to engage your creativity in a journey of mindful contemplation. Let your intuition guide you in the process of creation. See the joy in nature, and recreate this joy on the page in front of you. Let your confidence develop as you learn new skills and discover beauty in unexpected mistakes.

“I’ve crafted this book with care and love, and I hope it will guide you on a creative journey into the natural world around you. I’ve drawn on traditions of mindfulness, self-care and forest bathing, informed by new research into nature connection, to create a mixed media art course I hope you’ll love. I’m joined by twelve fabulous guest artists who work in ritual, land art, and various other artistic media which makes this course-book extra rich and inspiring.” – Emma Burleigh

Emma Burleigh is an award winning comics artist, a painter and an art teacher with a passion for the vibrant, glowing and mercurial qualities of watercolor. She loves to share her practice and holds regular workshops to explore how art can support mindfulness, insight and well being. The classes focus on the mediums of watercolor painting, art journaling, and comics, zines & graphic narratives.

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