Achieve Your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions Using Astrology

It’s Capricorn season! Harness the power of the “sea goat” to realise your goals in 2022…

By Monika Anna, author of the upcoming Astro-Luna Journal

Just like marmite, New Year’s Resolutions can be very polarising. Love them or hate them, they are definitely the theme of conversations every January. Whether you’re for or against, each camp thinks they have all figured it out, and there are pros and cons on both sides of the fence. This can be confusing, and we wonder whether our aspirations are positive steps in achieving our goals, or just an unnecessary burden that we don’t need going into the new year.

Looking at New Year’s Resolutions through an astrological perspective can give us some answers and help provide context. Through this lens we begin to understand the energy, the reasoning and the power behind our plans and New Year objectives.

Astrology And The New Year

Every 1st of January we welcome the new year and we begin anew. In astrology this is happening right in the middle of the Capricorn season, which starts on the 21st of December and lasts until the 20th of January. During the time when a lot of the Western world is preparing to celebrate fresh beginnings, we are surrounded by the archetypal energy of the  “Sea Goat” of the Zodiac. So what is Capricorn all about? This sign is about structure, commitment, accountability, mastery and accomplishments. This sounds super serious in comparison to the sign that precedes it.

Sagittarius is about the fire of the vision that we have for our future. His season is just before Capricorn, from the 21st November to the 20th of December. What helps us set goals in January is the vision that we dreamed the month before. After autumn, and the reflection on the year gone by, comes the fire of Sagittarius and the vision of what  is yet to come. We dream new dreams in the Sagittarius season, and then we move straight into a practical, earthy Capricorn that wants to make those dreams reality.

Fiery Sagittarius rules the card of Temperance… The Modern Witch Tarot

Vision Boards vs New Year’s Resolutions

A vision board is sooo Sag! They are a representation of all the wonderful and beautiful things we want to manifest in our life. Whether you paint one, design one on your laptop or put one together from pictures and magazines on a cork board — they all show us the life we dream of.

New Year’s Resolutions are much more like Capricorn — they are steps, goals and practical solutions, not just WHAT we want but HOW we are going to embody that desired life.

Vision Boards and New Year’s Resolutions are connected in that they and both serve the same purpose of achieving and manifesting our dreams. In Sagittarius season we dream and ignite the fire of the vision of the future. We are hopeful and excited about the horizon. When Capricorn takes the skies, we are being practical about how to achieve the things we want, what tools we need, what training or support can help us go where we need to go.

Sagittarius spies the light on the new horizon while Capricorn creates the roadmap that will take us there.

Pragmatic Capricorn rules The Devil card. The Luna Sol Tarot

How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you have not set your resolutions yet, you have until the end of Capricorn season to use that supportive energy and get to work! This step-by-step guide uses the energy of each sign to get you where you need to go. You can meditate, journal, and ultimately create a vision board to help you realise your goals!

Step 1 – Visualising the New Year with Sagittarius

Use that Sagittarian Vision. Sagittarius falls in the season of thanksgiving, so think about what you want to be grateful for next autumn. What fruits of your labour you want to collect. What harvest you want to be celebrating. 

Here’s a little meditation to take you there:

Find a quiet space, and a time when you will be undisturbed. Get your candle, favourite journal and a pen. Sit down and take few deep, relaxing breaths

  • Close your eyes, imagine yourself in late November 2022. Where were you? What do you look like? What are you feeling inside? Are you excited about all the adventures you have accomplished? Are you grateful to begin a new course that will help you achieve the education you want? Have you opened your business and November sales were amazing? Have you found your tribe and really connected with others, which was your deepest desire? 
  • Hold on to that feeling, sense it in your body. See where you are, what are you wearing, what you can smell and hear.
  • Write down the feeling and that vision to help guide you through the year.
  • If you want, you can put together a collage of pictures, tarot cards and inspirational quotes to have in your home as a reminder and focal point of reference.
  • Make time to come back to this journal entry on each new moon, reread it and imagine the feeling to keep the fire of this vision going.

Step 2 – Building a Road to Success with Capricorn

When you have that vision of the dream life you want to achieve, you need to take the sea goat’s advice and take practical steps to achieve it. No amount of visualisation will get you the dream partner if you are not doing anything to meet new people. And you won’t get that dream job if you won’t leave your couch.

Capricorn can see the beauty of the horizon pointed to by Sagittarius, but he knows we need a map of the terrain ahead, a vehicle to get there, and provisions and stops along the way. Success for Capricorn is about the journey, the few steps taken every day that bring that million-mile destination a bit closer.

Capricorn’s steps to climb that mountain of success:

  1. Structure – to achieve anything in life we need structure. Chaos can be incredibly creative and fertile, but it’s most definitely not productive or sustainable. A goal without a deadline is just a dream, so we need to put down deadlines to ensure that we have that goalpost. And on that map to success we can orient ourselves by checking the deadlines we set up, and measure if we are still on the desired road or have taken a detour.
  1. Commitment – if we have a plan, we need to commit to it. We already feel in our bodies the beauty of our dreams awaiting us at the end of this road, and we can hold this vision as an inspiration (such a Sagittarius, fiery energy in this). But we need a steady, earthy Capricorn approach as well. Commitment to the vision means that each day we take small or big steps that can bring us closer to the destination.
    For example… If you want that dream job, then re-write your CV with it in mind, and look at networking events in your field. Are there any training opportunities that can help you get the extra edge over other candidates? Are you practicing interview skills? These little steps will be a huge asset that you build yourself, and when your vision will manifest opportunity, you will be ready to say YESSSS!
  1. Accountability – you now have a map and a plan of how to get there. How often do you check your progress? How do you keep yourself accountable? You might not have a teacher or parent reminding you about taking those steps, so you need a system to do it for yourself. Set up reminders in your diary and do a monthly check-in with yourself (perhaps aligned with a full moon that can help you shine light on the progress). This check-in will help you recognise how far you’ve come, and see what else needs to be achieved — are you on course or have you fallen behind? Non-judgmental honesty with yourself is the key — this process is to support you, not make you feel inadequate.
  1. Mastery – there is a saying that to master anything in life we need to commit 10,000 hours. Capricorn is exactly that energy! It might not be quick or flashy, but by gods it’s persistent and steady! Committing to whatever you chose to do, checking your progress and holding yourself accountable will make you a master and commander in your field. That true expertise that we gain only by really working through the subject! This is the side-effect of those small steps taken daily.
  1. Accomplishment – just before the next Capricorn season of winter 2022, you will have all the beauty of your hard work paying off, and the Sagittarius season’s “thanksgiving” will bring a time of celebration! Well done!
To build our vision board, we used tarot cards and images that represent with what we want to achieve this year! The Modern Witch Tarot

In step one we used journaling and meditation to help us look back at last year and set intentions for the new year. So, after you have created a plan for yourself in step two, you can build a beautiful vision board that will remind you of your goals — and how you plan to get there. You could integrate your Capricorn roadmap into the vision board, or you can use beautiful images and items that represent what you’re striving for. There’s no wrong way about it!

Self Care or Hard Work?

In the Zodiac Wheel, the sign of Capricorn opposes the sign of Cancer, a sign that represents our place of self-care and emotional nurturing. This polarity has a twofold message for us:

  • Self-care can be an escape and an excuse when we want to avoid responsibility, when we don’t want to be held accountable and when we don’t feel like doing the hard work. We escape from our duties to concentrate on ourselves, turning nurturing self-care into an emotional crutch.
  • Cancer also tells us that to build success and put that hard work into achieving our goals – which cannot be accomplished without strong roots in emotional stability. Self-care can be an essential foundation and support of the work we’re doing in the world.

Balance is the key between both!

A smart person once said:

William Shakespeare reminded us that “it is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” Stars do not compel us to action, but they most definitely support our impulses. Let’s use this Capricorn season to make space to grow, to mature and to accomplish our dreams.

Good luck with your planning and let us know in November what have you accomplished!

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