Witchy Winter Wedding Ideas

Brining a dash of winter magic to your big day

by Rebecca Bell, Photos: Loveday May

Weddings should embody your passions and if your a practicing witch then why not share your witchy side with your guests and We have some idea hacks to make your big day a wonderful witchy one and it doesn’t need to break the bank either! Why choose summer when you can choose the crisp frosty days of winter, and take advantage of darker days with the abundance of fairy light stars twinkling in deep evergreen shades and rich velvety reds.

Centre Pieces

There is an abundance of holly, and fir at this time of year, with their charming deep emerald greens they make colours pop and bring an element of nature to your day. You can even hang some romantic mistletoe in doorways or include it in your bouquet, for in Scandinavia the plant is a symbol of peace. Winter plants and blooms can be made into wreaths as centre pieces surrounding candles in jars, or even used in a glass fishbowl with twigs to mimic the woodland floor with a scattering of pine cones and moss.

Or if books are your thing, you could try staking some old cloth bound books as a centre piece and top them with candles. Not only do they reflect your love of books, but they make good conversation starters for those at the table. You could even base the book choices on who will be at the table.

Place Setting and Favours

Why not show your guests some love by choosing each guest a tarot or oracle card as their place marker and as a keepsake from the day. Guests can keep the reading secret or share it with the table as a great icebreaker to reconnect with distant family and friends. Alternatively you could make some mini brooms by taking a larger stick and tying a bunch of dried stalks and broom bristles to the end with twine and a charm and name tag. You could even use these idea for Dinner parties!

When it comes to favours why give your guests something more magical in the form of mini spell jars, full of heartfelt care to wish guests good health and happiness whilst they share in your bond of love.

Table Entertainment

Now you have probably been to a wedding and know that table arrangements can be difficult. Whilst brides and grooms are busy at the top table, the rest of the guests will be on tables with some people they know and others they may know less… So how can you cut through the quiet? Why not leave a tarot deck on the tables with the simple note read with me? Tarot reading can offer a great opportunity for those who know how to read and those who do not to bond and work there way though with some simple one card spreads. Worst case scenario your guests will flick though the artwork and enjoy the illustrations and chat about those! Either way a conversation has started while waiting for food to arrive and between courses.

We hope you enjoyed are collection of creative ways to bring your witchy side into your wedding, and remember there’s something unique about each season, you can find out more about the key points in the Wheel of the Year in our blog. We wish you a magical time however you get married!

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