Monika Anna

Monika is a Transformational Astrologer and a Mindfulness Coach based in the West Midlands, UK. Originally from Poland, she relocated nearly two decades ago to put down roots and make the UK her home, which she now shares with her hubby and two rescue cats. She has always been fascinated by the language of symbols, fairy tales, archetypes, mythology and and the magic they create when woven together – crafting a tapestry of life.

When she discovered astrology and experienced the intense power of metamorphosis, she understood she had a beautiful framework to help others on their path of discovery and healing. There is power in storytelling, in our personal mythology and something profoundly transformational in recognising our own story, familiarising ourselves with it, and then glimpsing meaning behind all our trials and tribulations. Maybe even becoming empowered to write our own adventure. She feels privileged to be of service and assist others in their journey.

Connect with Monika on IG @modernyaga as well as on her website

Monika’s publications for Liminal 11:

The Astro-Luna Journal


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