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Enter the dream…

By Eleanor Tremeer

Close on the heels of the Modern Witch Coloring Book is our second tarot coloring book — and it’s now open for *pre-orders. This time, we’re diving into the vivid, dreamlike world of the Cosmic Slumber Tarot by Tillie Walden. And again, the book is overflowing with intricate illustrations for you to color in! Not only that, but this book is designed as a guide to the deck itself, with an exploration of what each card means as you explore this celestial dreaming landscape. So without further ado, let’s step inside the pages and see what this book has to offer!

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Color Palette

Before you begin to color in the cards, you can find a color palette on the cover flaps. This provides a selection of shades that Tillie used for the Cosmic Slumber Tarot, along with individual palettes for the Minor Arcana. Tillie used strong, vibrant shades for the deck, but if you’d rather use muted tones, or mix it up for each card, feel free! As she explains in the foreword, Tillie’s relationship with color changed as she created this deck — and now it’s time for you to build your own relationship with the cards.

“I like to think that the way I colored the cards was what the universe needed of me in that moment. But now, the cards have a chance at a new life, and for someone else to make their mark on them.”

Tillie Walden

Because of that, the color palette becomes an inherent part of not just the deck, but how you understand and imagine the tarot. The best color choices are always the ones that speak to you personally. So go wild!

A Coloring Book Guide

Tarot isn’t just about readings and spreads. Researching the cards, journaling your experience, and finding new ways to interact with the tarot takes your practice to a new level. The more you put into tarot, the more you get out of it — and this book gives you the chance to get just that! Before you dive into the cards, this section explains exactly how to use the book, along with an overview of each color’s spiritual meaning.

Bonus Art!

You’ll also find stunning two-page spread collages of Tillie’s artwork. These are intended to be colored in as well, so you can really immerse yourself in the world of tarot. Every part of this book is designed to be used, so there are plenty of design elements that flow over each page, just waiting for you to bring them to life with color!

Dreaming Guide

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot is a journey through a celestial dreamscape. As soon as you close your eyes, you step into another realm, full of strange new locations and larger-than-life characters. This coloring book acts as your guide on this voyage, taking you card-by-card through Tillie’s lush, surreal environment. Using Jungian archetypes and the theory of the collective unconscious, this book unpacks what each card means within the context of a dream.

Each card is a new chapter in the dream, which means they each have a different meaning to you, the dreamer. Who will you meet along the way? How do these landscapes reflect your waking world? And what will you learn as you near the end? This is a reality where nothing is as it seems. Anything can — and does — happen. Your adventure is waiting to begin… all you need to do is turn the next page!

The Cards

We haven’t just stripped the cards of color, we’ve also added intricate details for you to color in. Each card has an environment brimming with symbolism — now it’s your turn to discover what it all means!


Each Major Arcana card comes with a mandala. This is a lush kaleidoscope, using the artwork of the card to create a new pattern for you to color in!


For each of the Major Arcana, you will also find a Reflections section with four questions. These are journal prompts that invite you to explore what the cards mean to your personal journey. They have been carefully crafted to emulate the themes of each card, so that you can really immerse yourself in the narrative of the Major Arcana.

Bonus Cards

Tillie also created two bonus cards for the Major Arcana: The Morning and The Night. At the end of the Major Arcana section, you’ll find these two cards, complete with dream analysis and reflections for you to fully explore their meaning.

These cards are the ultimate representation of the Cosmic Slumber’s journey, so pay attention to the lessons you learn here before moving on!

The Minor Arcana

Of course, it’s not all about the Majors. This book also contains a line-art version of each Minor Arcana card. Ahead of this section, you’ll find a guide to how the Minors work, explaining the narrative arcs, the Court Cards, and the numbering system.

There’s also a breakdown of each suit’s particular journey, along with a Reflection, and a Tarot Tip.

And that’s it! Far, far more than just a coloring book, we created this tome to help you develop your understanding of tarot, from the symbolism to what resonance the cards hold for you. We hope you enjoy!

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