Say hello to the New Chapter Special Limited Edition!

Within a magical purple box lies a theatre in the cosmos…

There’s a new collectors’ item on the block… Open up the magical purple luggage box (with illusion clasps and handles) to reveal a theatre in the cosmos, and a ribbon-tied stage awaiting your delicate fingers to untie. As the ribbon gives way and you lift the stage card, you will find…

  • The sparkling New Chapter Tarot deck with golden gilded edges
  • Postcards of the aces from the Minor suits
  • Stickers of favourite elements from the cards
  • A tarot cloth featuring a hare and crow
  • A letter from K.
  • K.’s signature in a faux passport, and then…

…to top it all off, the heart and soul of this edition is ‘The Hero’s Journey’ pamphlet, containing a selection of spreads for you to begin your own adventure!

The New Chapter Tarot – Special Limited Edition is limited to 1,111 copies, each numbered and signed by creator K. Briggs.

You can find K.’s reaction video to opening this edition for the first time on our YouTube page! (Seriously, you don’t want to miss that!)

If you want to purchase this phenomenal edition, head over to our shop! An absolute treat, this is a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection. (And we’re not just saying that because we made it!)


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