Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe

Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe is a Nigerian-Canadian artist based in BC, Canada. Born outside of her parent’s homeland, she went on to experience multiple cultures throughout her childhood and early adulthood.

As an immigrant, she wrestles with concepts of community and identity, both within herself and her work, and strives to create representation for voices (particularly Black and/or LGBTQ+ folks) who are often pushed out of positive, empowering narratives.

But also echoing in her work is a love for the ethereal, fantasy stories she grew up with. From a passion for vibrant colours, to a love of ornamentation, her varying homes have strongly moulded her creative perspective, weaving themselves throughout each piece she creates.

In combining all these influences she hopes to create work that is uplifting and whimsical, a respite from life’s rigors.

Over the course of her career so far she has worked with clients including Scholastic, Wizards of the Coast and Marvel. Her work has also featured in publications such as F(r)iction, Infected By Art and ImagineFX Magazine.

See Edge’s work at, peek behind-the-scenes on Patreon, and connect on Twitter or Instagram.

Edge’s publications for Liminal 11:

The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck

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  1. Briana Detrick
    November 3, 2022 / 11:48 am

    Ejiwa’s art on the Cannabis oracle deck is out of this world. I want every card blown up to poster size and plastered on every wall of my home. I use that deck daily and every day I’m blown away by the cards I pull. I can not stress enough how much every cannabis witch needs to see this artwork!!!