A Look Inside The Modern Witch Coloring Book

Dive deeper into the world of the Modern Witch…

By Eleanor Tremeer

The very first tarot coloring book Liminal has ever published is now open for pre-orders! We really pulled out all the stops with this one, because we wanted to dive deep into the lush world of the Modern Witch that Lisa Sterle created. This coloring book isn’t just a way for you to color-in the cards, it’s also an in-depth guide to the symbolism of tarot, and a self-reflective journey through the Major Arcana that will invite you to explore what each card means to you… So without further ado, let’s step inside the pages and see what this book has to offer!

Color Palette

Before you begin to color-in the cards, you can find a color palette on the inside of the book’s front cover. This provides a selection of shades that Lisa used for the Modern Witch Tarot, as well as the individual palettes for the Minor Arcana. This will help if you want to match the colors of the original deck, but feel free to branch out! As Lisa says in her introduction, color is the first thing that speaks to you when you first lay out the cards.

“When the reader lays out the cards, the colors are the first thing that speak to them. They may even be able to intuit some things about the reading just from the colors themselves before delving deeper.”

Lisa Sterle

Because of that, the color palette becomes an inherent part of not just the deck, but how you understand and imagine the tarot. The best color choices are always the ones that speak to you personally. So go wild!

A Coloring Book Guide

There’s a lot going on in this book! This introduction gives you an overview of what you’ll find, as well as a brief explanation of occult color theory. Each color, after all, has a specific thematic meaning, which is why they were carefully chosen for each card in the deck. Once you unlock this color language, you can start to intuit a card’s meaning at first glance — and the same goes for the symbols used in the tarot, which is why this book also includes a detailed explanation of the symbolism of the Modern Witch Tarot… but we’ll get to that later.

New Artwork!

Lisa has created beautiful artwork of the Modern Witch Tarot, with the figures from various cards coming together. You can find color versions of this art in the Modern Witch Tarot Journal — and for the coloring book, we’ve provided line-art versions for you to color in. It’s not just about the cards!

Symbol Guide

For the Major Arcana, you’ll find a detailed explanation of the symbols used on each card. They range from classic tarot symbols — like the eight-pointed star on ‘The Star’ — to unique, modern symbolism that Lisa incorporated. The High Priestess’s laptop, the Hierophant’s tattoos, the angel of Temperance’s rainbow jumper… all of these elements were chosen to evoke very specific associations that have a particular resonance in our modern world. This section of the book explores those meanings and Lisa’s intentions, so that you can better understand the depth of the Modern Witch Tarot.

There’s also a Card Connections section that points out how different cards refer to one another, creating a grand pattern across the Major Arcana. And scattered throughout the book are Tarot Tips that point out little details that you might find interesting, or provide a bit of history behind the cards!

The Cards

New patterns have been added to the line-art for each card, to create a unique new version of the deck — and of course, give you more details to color-in! Each Major Arcana card also has a Color Code that refers back to the palettes at the start, so you can pinpoint the shades Lisa used, and replicate them (if you like).


Each Major Arcana card comes with a mandala. This is a lush kaleidescope, using the artwork of the card to create a new pattern for you to color-in!


For each of the Major Arcana, you will also find a Reflections section with four questions. These are journal prompts that invite you to explore what the cards mean to your personal journey. They have been carefully crafted to emulate the themes of each card, so that you can really immerse yourself in the narrative of the Major Arcana.

The Minor Arcana

Of course, it’s not all about the Majors. This book also contains a line-art version of each Minor Arcana card. Ahead of this section, you’ll find a guide to how the Minors work, explaining the narrative arcs, the Court Cards, and the numbering system.

There’s also a breakdown of each suit’s particular journey, along with a Reflection, and a Tarot Tip.

And that’s it! Far, far more than just a coloring book, we created this tome to help you develop your understanding of tarot, from the symbolism to what resonance the cards hold for you. We hope you enjoy!

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