The Luna Sol Tarot Spread

Let us not worry about the future…but instead reflect and enjoy the present

By Rebecca Bell

Looking for a Tarot spread with a change of pace? Look no further, it’s time to heal and reflect in the present. So often tarot spreads are focused on the future, what tomorrow holds and what we need to look out for. Sometimes too much forward thinking can blind us to experiencing the present moment, which in turn can be rather stressful. This tarot spread, from the Luna Sol deck, instead takes us to a different paces of time, instead focusing on the now, and taking time for quiet reflection and gentle healing.

The Luna Sol Spread

This tarot spread is just what you need when the world is rushing around you, and you need a moment to sit down and enjoy taking your time, without any pressures.

Unlike the other spreads, this one does not look to the future. It is more concerned about the present and specifically offers a chance to reflect upon how you are in this moment.’

Darren Shill & Kay Medaglia

To begin, pick a comfortable spot to set up, preferably somewhere the future is not nagging you. You might like to get a comforting drink, and open up a journal to record your findings, what you find might be useful if your undergoing talking therapy or just investigating how you are feeling in the present in mind, body and spirit. We are using the Luna Sol tarot for this as the deck is designed around giving you the querent a gentle and healing embrace.

Shuffle your deck, whilst feeling into all the nooks and crannies of your body, mind and spirit in this moment. You might want to try some meditative breathing to still your internal monologue to a calm hum. Then as you draw your cards think on the part of you they represent, starting top left Sol, then moving the bottom right Luna, the final card goes in the middle the place between sol and Luna.

  1. The Inner Self. How you consciously view your true self. The side that is not necessarily shared with others.
  2. The Outer Self. How you present yourself and interact with the world.
  3. Physical Health. The world of form. How you physically feel.
  4. Hidden Hopes. The dreams and expectations you have that you may not consciously explore.
  5. Wholeness. What sustains you emotionally.
  6. Wisdom. What life has taught you which can illuminate your path.
  7. Guidance. Consider this some friendly advice from your higher self. A chance for you to speak to you.

Take as long as you want with this spread it’s your time to listen to you without external pressures. Light and love from Liminal 11.

Use your Modern Witch Journal to record your findings!’

Liminal 11

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