Tarot Spread: Bloom into Spring

Spring clean your focus for the new season. Grow, grow, grow…

By Rebecca Bell

The seasons are changing as we enter the spring equinox. The flowers are beginning to surface with bright pops of colour, animals emerging from hibernation. It is time for you to shake off winter and wake up to the year, and begin your growth in preparation for the coming seasons.

Blooming into Spring Spread

This tarot spread is a great way to wake up from winter and kickstart your path of growth. It will help you focus where you want to spend your energies, as we too often have too many ambitions and goals floating around our minds. This spread will help you focus in, and give voice to one of those goals. It’s better to work on our goals one at a time, rather than try to complete everything at once!

To begin, prepare your space and remove distraction. You might want to shake out your arms to dispel any sleepy feelings. This reading requires spring energy, so think of the sun and the colours coming into life. You may want to consider a new deck to the one you have been using over winter. Changing season, changing deck!

Shuffle your deck and draw cards 1, 2, and 3. Now shuffle what you have left and cut the deck into halves to symbolise the two paths. Draw 4 and 5 from the first half, and 6 and 7 from the second.

  1. Where are you rooted in the ground?
  2. Your key motivation that nourishes you.
  3. Your ideal outcome when you blossom into spring.
  4. Something you should know about path one, to facillitate your personal growth.
  5. Likely outcome of path one.
  6. Something you should know about path two, to facillitate your personal growth.
  7. Likely outcome of path two.

Use your Modern Witch Journal to record your findings!’

Liminal 11

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