From Inspiration To Creation: The Story Behind The Luna Sol Tarot

Take a peak behind the scenes with this author Q&A…

By Eleanor Tremeer

The Luna Sol Tarot is getting a gorgeous, glossy new reprint! To celebrate, we thought we’d go back to the beginning with Darren Shill, Luna Sol co-creator and Liminal 11 co-founder. This deck really is where it all began, so join us in this exclusive Q&A as we dive into the esoteric origins of the deck…

What were your main influences in creating the deck?

“We drew inspiration from quite a wide range of sources as it was a cumulation of life’s fascination in multiple themes that came together in the Luna Sol. For Kay Zen Buddhism and Daoism and for myself the esoteric, magick and tarot. In terms of tarot decks the Smith Rider Waite, Lady Harris and Crowley’s Thoth, and the Motherpeace tarot were all influential. At the time we were reading works by Michelle Tea, Rachel Pollack, Lon Milo Duquette and Paul Foster Case which no doubt fed into the Luna Sol but the grounding philosophy was probably most influenced by the classical Eastern works including the Tao Te Ching, I Ching and Zhuangzi: The Inner Chapters.”

What would you say is the main message of the Luna Sol?

“Compassion, a celebration of diversity and acceptance of impermanence. We intended it to be a means for healing and self exploration as much as a divination tool and it was great to hear how much readers engaged with it on that level!”

Why did you set out to create an uplifting tarot deck?

“We wanted to create a deck that was easy to approach, however you might be feeling in the moment. It’s a deck that you can reach out for in moments on vulnerability, which is maybe when the tarot can be most helpful.

The colour scheme is mentioned often in this respect. It is there to promote optimism but also the symbolism in the deck is rich, perhaps even more dense than the Smith Rider Waite in places, and the soft pastel colours makes this approachable on an intuitive level.

To balance this we have heard it said that it can on occasion be sassy but which tarot isn’t?!”

“A celebration of diversity and acceptance of impermanence”

What is your favourite piece of feedback from people who’ve used the deck?

“It came from one of our “Tarot Mothers” (Kay and I each have professional readers who have been hugely supportive in the creation of Liminal 11). She explained how the Luna Sol Tarot had become her main deck as clients approached it without fear and barriers seemed to fall. That she could so clearly see the benefit for the people she read for meant the world to us!”

Kay Medaglia and Darren Shill

What have you learned from the experience of creating this deck?

“That you can spend 5 months talking nothing but tarot and still feel like you have only started the conversation. It’s truly limitless!

It was honestly a wonderful experience. I feel exceptionally fortunate not just to being able to dedicate the time to studying the tarot and bring something unique to the world but also to have had the time to discuss the larger things in life with a friend. Everytime I look at the Luna Sol that it was I remember.”

Would you ever create another tarot deck? What would it be like?

“Never say never but we would probably give it a few years so that there was a good distance from the Luna Sol and a distinct voice can be found for the next tarot. What is much more likely in the near term is an oracle deck – the freedom achievable there would allow us to explore something radically different and would compliment the amazing direction of Kay’s recent art perfectly.”


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