How to Get Over a Bad Relationship – Cord Cutting

One, Two, Three I banish thee…Bad vibes be gone!

By Rebecca Bell

We have all been there, its not me its you. Breakups are hard and shake our emotional core, sometimes they can be harder than others and we lose sight of what it was to feel like ourselves without that other person. Who are we as a single entity and can we ever feel love and happiness again?

YES you absolutely can! Whether it is a breakup you just cannot shake, a relationship that has gone sour, or just bad energy that has been hanging around you for too long. With this candle spell based on cord cutting, we are going to banish the bad vibes and rekindle your internal flame.

What you will need:

This Spell requires a fireproof surface most importantly! Its one thing to burn away bad vibes with a candle, but burning your house down? That is a little excessive! The wise witch recommends not leaving this spell unattended and using a ceramic plate/ fireproof surface to protect your beautiful alter.

We’re using a Candle dish for our spell.

You will need two candles, for this we are using some coloured spell candles which are widely available (support your local occult supplier if you can). Then you need to pick two candles from the following, don’t be shy to mix and match to suit what you feel you need.

Red – Associated with Love, passion and seduction.

Pink – Associated with self-love, love healing, gentleness in love.

White – These candles are the blank candle and can be used as a place marker for any colour candle.

Black – Associated with protection and warding off bad vibes. 

How to conduct the spell

Once you have selected your candles its time to prepare, lay out your candles and take a moment of pause to think on the old connection that is causing you negativity or difficulty, find it and imagine it as strands of string. Focus on taking hold of those strands of negative emotions and imagine tying them all together. Now take your candles and tie the wicks together, letting the rope of negativity in your mind become the wicks, and place the candles upright on your surface.

Tip: light a tea light or spare candle and drip the wax on the plate when its still wet stick your spell candles into it, as it hardens it will support the candles more.

Once your candles are placed and that negativity is outside of your body, you can take a moment to say goodbye to the connection that’s been holding you back.  You might want to come up with a fun rhyming incantation.

Flame, fire, candle, smoke, take away the pain and make me woke.

When you feel your energy has built up, and your ready to cut the connection giving you bad vibes. Take your fire (spiritually too) and light the loose ends of the wicks and watch as the fire consumes those negative feelings.

As the flame works its magic to burn the cord, its time to focus on the lightness in you, and how you are going to move forward with those reclaimed energies un-divided by those that drained you before. Give yourself a day, and try our Heart Opener Tarot Spread. A spread designed to advise on how to bring more love into your heart and take you on the path to a higher love.

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  1. Arabella
    March 23, 2021 / 9:33 am

    Hey I did something similar to this (candles joined through string) and I was wondering if the manner in which the candles burn (I.e one burns fast and erratic but the other burns slowly and methodically and takes ages) means anything? Or if there’s any resources to read into this further? Thank you!

    • Liminal11
      March 23, 2021 / 9:55 am

      Hello Arabella, that is a good question! We are sure there are resources in the world to look at. However, I think this is a good example of listening to your intuition, did each candle represent something? Does the speed of the burning mean something to you? Investigate using your intuition, trust your judgements.
      Similar to reading tarot, speed and haste are associated with the Knight of Swords, and taking time and pause to spend time alone is associated with the Hermit.

      Hope that helps on your journey !

  2. March 25, 2021 / 2:54 am

    Hey, I hope you will respond to my comment because I want help from you for example I want a spell or anything that strengthens my relationship with someone I love and always without problems And it becomes strong our feelings and love for each other

    • Liminal11
      March 25, 2021 / 12:45 pm

      Hello, unfortunately we don’t offer spells. But you may find guidance in reading tarot.

  3. Lucy
    March 31, 2021 / 9:47 pm

    is this only for romantic relationships or friendships as well?

    • Liminal11
      April 5, 2021 / 8:52 am

      Hello Lucy, Thank you for your question. This can be used for any form of relationship as it is about your intention, its best to focus on releasing negative emotions from your body and feeling freed. We hope this was helpful!

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