The Tarot of Love

The power of love, a force from above, cleaning my soul…

By Rebecca Bell

It’s that time of year…Valentine’s day. We are not here to advise you on who you should be loving or what table to book. We are here to shine a little love on you and show you how to access a higher pain of love within your heart and soul though tarot, with some self-care and investigative spreads to strengthen your ability to connect.

The Heart Opener

The Luna Sol Tarot Coming 2021

This Spread is all about opening your heart and filling your soul with love, whilst breaking down the barriers that interrupt the flow of loving energies. So often we struggle to accept and give love for various reasons that cloud our energies and internal dialogue. This spread is going to help you reflect on your current level of love and advise you on how to open your heart more, so you can fill your vessel with powerful energies both healing and positive.

To begin, prepare your space, remove distraction. The Querent should sit comfortably and take a moment to breathe deeply and fully, allowing the mind to clear of cluttered thoughts. Focusing on the heart and the centre of love. In each breath the Querent should allow their love to be open, and when ready the deck should be shuffled.

  1. The Present – What the condition of your love is now.
  2. The Blockade – What is blocking your ability to love or allow love in.
  3. The Advice – What can you do to reach a higher plain of love.

The Relationship Inquisitor

This four card spread is designed for reflecting on relationships and to investigate what changes need to take place to better understand the relationship your in, and bring to light what energies you need to share with each other.  

To begin, prepare your space, remove distraction. The Querent should take a moment to think about their relationship, and shuffle the deck. Once Shuffled spend time thinking on each question as you draw your cards in the order below.

  1. who someone is to you
  2. what they need from you
  3. what you need from them
  4. what you need to work on within yourself for the relationship to work

A great way to record your spread is through Journaling, should you want to revisit this spread easily. Modern Witch Tarot Journal – Standard Edition

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    Thank you for this article! It’s a great one 🙂

    • liminal 11
      March 17, 2021 / 11:20 am

      Glad you like it, we will have a spring tarot spread publishing on the blog tomorrow 🙂

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