Tarot Spread: 11 days of Yule Draw

11 days of Yuletide tarot reading

“On the first day of Yuletide my Tarot said to me …”

By Rebecca Bell

Yuletide is the celebration lasting traditionally 12 days after the end of the Luna calendar. In this time the veil between worlds is thin once more, and it is the time to connect to this energy and celebrate the end of the longest night, kickstart the first day with the birth of the sun, and celebrate the start of the long journey to spring.

As we are Liminal 11, we have settled on The 11 Days of Yuletide – a new way to celebrate this time! We’ve created an 11-day tarot reading to see you through and set you up for the new year and all the mysteries and wonders it brings! This is a time to reflect on the year just passed, and look forward with preparation for the next year to come.

How to prepare

Firstly pick your deck, one you don’t mind being without for the duration of these 11 days. Or if your feeling daring you can always use more than one deck!

You will also need 11 envelopes that your cards can hide within, or you can cut paper to size and fold it to make pockets, as we will be popping the cards in these.

Number your envelopes or pockets 1 to 11 and stack them in a pile in order with Number One on top.

Time to ask the question

Now think about your question. If you have a big question or a complicated one, now is the time to ask it, as you are going to have a powerful 11 cards to interpret over these 11 days!

Our suggestions:

  • A foresight reading to prepare for 2021 – New challenges ahead? Sometimes its good to have a tarot-forecast, to avoid getting caught in a storm.
  • A reflection on 2020 – We know its been an ‘Interesting’ year! We like to use the word interesting, as no year is all bad or all good, and sometimes some helpful reflection reminds us of the good parts!

No Peeking at your cards early!

While you think and focus on the question (don’t be shy!), begin to shuffle your deck.

Once you are satisfied, fan out your cards into a great arc, and let your hand and spirit guide you to your selections.

When you pick the cards place them inside the envelopes as you go, starting at 1 and working up to 11. No peeking!

Once you have filled all your envelopes, stack them so number 1 is on the top and 11 is on the bottom. You’re ready!

The reading

Now here’s the fun part. On the 21st December, draw your first card from your numbered envelopes! Draw again each day until 11 days have passed. Don’t worry if you start a little later than the 21st – this reading is still powerful if you’re running a little late!

As the days pass, it might be tricky to remember the full spread all at once when you get to the end, so its worth noting down the dates and cards drawn and summing up some of the messages your getting on the day in your tarot journal. That way when you come to the last reading you have some notes to work with to decipher if there is a collected meaning. Consider where there are any interesting connections to reflect on!

We’ll be using the Modern Witch Tarot Journal to keep track, but there are lots of ways you can start a tarot journal – or scrapbook! – to get more from your reading!

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