Karen French

The patterns underlying life have always fascinated Karen. Why are they there? What do they mean? How can we use them? Originally Karen studied Mathematics and Management Sciences and then spent many years in international marketing, during which time she was published on several occasions. 

Over the last 20 years she has explored her passion for archetypal symbolism, especially sacred geometry and devoted her time to extensive research across all the disciplines. As an international author she is well known for her books in The Gateway Series. Current titles include Gateway to the Heavens: How geometric patterns and symbols form our reality and The Hidden Geometry of Life: The science and spirituality of nature (both published by Watkins Publishing Ltd). 

Karen enjoys sharing her knowledge about the science and mathematics behind numbers, shapes and colours, their roles in forming reality, and their use as symbols and tools in the Arts and spirituality. For many years she had been a speaker at events ranging from conferences to small groups for a diverse range of people and interest groups.

This merging of science, art and symbolism, is a type of alchemy that Karen also uses in her own abstract artwork. Her paintings are visual expressions of science manifesting reality, combined with the power of intent in Mind to elicit various responses from the viewer, such as healing, guidance and inspiration. These same principles are embedded in the premise and designs of her game designs, ranging from self development to family fun.

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