Jack Fallows

Jack Fallows is an illustrator, cartoonist, model maker, game designer and musician who was born and raised in Newcastle and now lives and works in Leeds, UK. Jack has been self-publishing comics and zines since 2001 and founded the Paper Jam Comics Collective in 2007; the group has since published dozens of inclusive collaborative anthologies and held exhibitions, film screenings, live music events and more. Jack was an editor, gallery coordinator, cover artist and contributor to the 2016 British Science Festival’s Asteroid Belter kids comic.

In addition to being a qualified primary school teacher, Jack has also been running comic and art workshops since 2008 – both as a freelancer and as part of East Street Arts’ community outreach program. In 2017, Jack began self-publishing the monthly illustrated puzzle story Cryptogram Puzzle Post and now works on the project full-time. In the same year, and in collaboration with Thought Bubble Festival and Leeds Light Night, Jack created an interactive, immersive puzzle exhibition entitled The Lost Forest, which drew thousands of visitors across two evenings.

Notable past works include the Axolotl series of diary comics and accompanying prose zine The Unstraight A; the band Skull Puppies and the collection of solo music Compilation; record art and show posters for Jeffrey Lewis, Martha, O’Messy Life, Charly Bliss and Modern Baseball; and commercial design work for Newcastle University, NARC, The Crack and the LGBT Foundation.

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