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Announcing The New Chapter Tarot: A Tarot For Tarot-Lovers

Tarot is a journey. It takes us further inside ourselves, guiding us as we face some of life’s toughest moments. And for artist Kathryn Briggs, the most difficult of these moments gave rise to an incredible act of creation.

The New Chapter Tarot is Kathryn’s portrait of change, exploring the tarot as it relates to life’s crossroads and turning points. And we’re super excited to announce that we’ll be publishing this deck in March 2021! After a year of turmoil and upheaval, The New Chapter Tarot couldn’t be arriving at a better time.

“I arted through my feelings, one card at a time, as they arose and presented themselves to be dealt with.”

Kathryn Briggs on The New Chapter Tarot

Drawing inspiration from both the Rider-Waite and Thoth decks, The New Chapter Tarot nonetheless adds something new to the tarot-reading table. Informed by Kathryn’s magical practice, The New Chapter Tarot is suffused with esoteric symbolism, evocative imagery, mythological significance, polytheism, and even historical references. It’s beautifully inclusive, with diverse representation, and cards that defy gender norms.

But it’s also incredibly personal. The world is tough right now. Many of us are feeling overwhelmed or uninspired. For those of us who use tarot as a tool of introspection, The New Chapter Tarot is a wonderful way to work through whatever’s in front of you. For Kathryn, it was her way of navigating a very difficult point in her life: “I arted through my feelings, one card at a time, as they arose and presented themselves to be dealt with.”

Created from a place of personal passion, and informed by Kathryn’s expertise in tarot, The New Chapter Tarot is a deck to really get excited about. Along with the cards, this edition comes complete with a booklet of meanings, spreads, and guidance that will help you explore the deck. This booklet also boasts a foreword from Rachel Pollack, titan of tarot and author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom.

We’re so excited and proud to be able to share this deck with you! The New Chapter Tarot will be published in March 2021, but stay tuned for more card reveals and insights into the deck as we lead up to the release date…

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