First Look: 2021 Tarot & Oracle Publications

A first look at Liminal 11’s tarot and oracle publications for 2021!

We’re so excited to show you what we have in store for next year! Read on for a first look at our 2021 tarot and oracle publications…

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The Luna Sol Tarot

by Kay Medaglia & Darren Shill,
co-founders of Liminal 11

You’ve been asking . . . you’ve been waiting patiently . . . and now our first deck is finally coming back into print! With stunning new packaging and cardstock.

The Luna Sol Tarot is designed to uplift and heal

In these cards you will find humans of all races and ages, shapes and sizes – a reflection of our beautifully diverse world. Whoever you are, The Luna Sol Tarot will help you gain clarity, insight, and new perspectives. See more from The Luna Sol Tarot.

Coming in April 2021

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The New Chapter Tarot

by K. Briggs
foreword by Rachel Pollack

The New Chapter Tarot is a self-portrait of change

K. Briggs’ entire life was at an either/or moment . . . “Arting through” their problems, she painted tarot cards as feelings arose and presented themselves to be dealt with. Every card is a meditation in paint.

With beautifully diverse representation, The New Chapter Tarot is rich in mythology, sacred geometry, and traditional symbolism. See more from The New Chapter Tarot.

Coming in March 2021

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Mystical Medleys

A Vintage Cartoon Tarot

by Nemons

Mystical Medleys is a tarot deck inspired by the iconic vintage cartoons of the 1930s

A delightful take on an ancient tradition, Mystical Medleys: A Vintage Cartoon Tarot brings a bit of lighthearted fun and playful energy to the tarot.

It’s ideal for occultists of all varieties, animation and cinema buffs, and lovers of all things vintage! See more from Mystical Medleys.

Coming in Autumn 2021

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The Seed and Sickle Oracle

by Fez Inkwright

From the creator of Folk Magic and Healing and Botanical Curses and Poisons comes an oracle deck inspired by nature and the magick it contains.

The Seed and the Sickle Oracle deck centres on the cycle of sowing and harvest, exploring themes of productivity and rest. See more from The Seed and Sickle Oracle.

Coming in Autumn 2021

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From one of the UK’s best known tarot personalities comes a guide for creating and publishing your own tarot or oracle deck

In The Oracle Creator: The Modern Guide to Creating a Tarot or Oracle Deck, Steven Bright examines the benefits of building an oracle deck, plus practical tips for turning the deck in your head into a reality!

Bright considers every aspect to creating an oracle deck, from the initial idea to approach publishers and marketing your work. Complete with interviews from a variety of oracle creators and publishers large and small, The Oracle Creator has you covered through every step of the process! Learn more about The Oracle Creator.

Coming in November 2021

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this first look at our 2021 tarot and oracle publications! We’ll be revealing more from these projects as we approach publication, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to see more!

Stay tuned for more book announcements coming soon!

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