The New Chapter Tarot

digital image (the actual box features gold foiling on the gold elements.)

The New Chapter Tarot

by K. Briggs

Foreword by Rachel Pollack

978-1-912634-29-3 * £21.99 (UK) $24.95 (US) $34.95 (CAN) published April 2021

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A story, a journey, a self portrait of change.

The New Chapter Tarot is one woman’s self-portrait of change. Faced with the realization that their relationship was coming to an end, K. Briggs’ entire life was at an either/or moment. They were an immigrant, on a marriage visa, with no professional contacts and not much in the way of community back home. Was she prepared to blow up her entire life? To risk what was known, for what could be?

“Arting through” her problems, K. painted tarot cards as feelings arose and presented themselves to be dealt with. The Queen of Swords is the friend who offered their shoulder to cry on before giving the keenest advice, the 6 of Disks is the adopted cat who helped them feel rooted and home, Strength is the friend they hadn’t seen in 20 years but who had also returned to the strange place they were from but never felt they belonged.

Each card of The New Chapter Tarot is a meditation in paint; a feeling arose and it became a card and was released. This completed deck represents a new life, a circle of Hope and Friendship and Love.

Hand-painted in stunning watercolours and filled with beautifully diverse representation, The New Chapter Tarot is also rich in mythology, sacred geometry, and traditional symbolism. It’s a deck from a practicing witch with a deep understanding of the craft.

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