365 Gentle Reminders is out now in flexiback!

Happy publication day to our new edition of 365 Gentle Reminders!

Happy publication day to Natalie Dormady (a.k.a. @littlearthlings) and 365 Gentle Reminders! Originally published in hardcover in 2019, this lovely book of positive affirmations is now available as a flexiback. View in our webshop.

Plus, thanks to our distributors, you can now buy 365 Gentle Reminders and lots of other Liminal 11 goodness from local, chain and online bookstores across the USA and Canada. Check your favourite bookshop online, or ask your local store to order it in for you!

With a message and drawing for every day of the year to remind you that You Are Enough, You Are Not Alone and Your Life Matters, these simple yet powerful works of art will wrap you in a positive embrace and help you find the strength you need to get through the day – whether you’re on a recovery journey or simply seeking a more positive outlook on life.

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