The Spiritual Poetry of Rachel Christina Ward

Rachel Christina Ward shares a selection of stunning spiritual poetry inspired by meditation practice, philosophy studies and more.

We are honoured to be sharing a selection of spiritual poems by Rachel Christina Ward. For more beautiful poetry like this, follow Rachel on Instagram.


What joy it is
to be in this, journey
no destinations just places
we can be or, not
it stops. when?
wires are crossed
tied, taught and tangled
curious nature, mangled
it is in our depths to 
extend, to connect
we are emplored to explore
to externalise that 
which is held 
in our core
art is; sense to the senses
a sense of our 
set yourself free
the present sentiment
deserves your devotion
you too, occupy this 
s p a c e
feel free to be 
your own embrace

the cradle you carry

Breathing in
and out
You are the handle
I am the spout
Our waters ripple
Run right through
How I long
to slowly
To Soak in those
flavours new.
a bit of me, You

Feelings are
Body thoughts
Rich with knowing
I am this,
This I am.
Full to the brim,
I know now
I need to be
I need to open
Be flowing
radiate the word ((Belonging))
to everyone

Yoga as
a state of being
Rather than something
we can
or can’t ‘do’
We all have the facilities, to be
Between doing and not doing – Surrender
Where I stop running from me
Where I hold myself with love
Where I am. (myself) .

I am smart, strong, sexy.
I am woman, witch,
I am magic.
Casting spells 
with my thoughts 
with my word.
Sending signals 
between me & the world.
I am That (bitch) I am

About the author:

Rachel Christina Ward is a poet and yoga practitioner with a background in Philosophy (Master’s degree). Her poetry is inspired by her meditation, movement and breath practice as well as various eastern philosophies. She finds she is most creative when the mind is calm, this creates space for ideas to be revealed. Other themes in her writing include self-love, romantic love, creativity and existentialism.

She would describe her creative work as meditations. There are so many ways we can meditate. Through art, dance, poetry and play. Any way in which we consciously take part in creation and celebrate it. “To me, poetry is like dancing with words and symbols. It is the only way to speak the ineffable and to externalise the deeply personal.” Follow Rachel on Instagram.


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