Soul Color

Soul Color

a ten-week watercolor painting course to cultivate mindfulness and creativity

by Emma Burleigh

978-1-912634-26-2 * £11.99 / $16.95 * published April 2021

A watercolour painting course that goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness practice!

Soul Color is a ten-week watercolour painting course to cultivate mindfulness and creativity. This beautiful book will teach you how to enjoy watercolour painting as a contemplative practice for self-discovery.

Develop confidence to paint more intuitively, give yourself permission to enjoy the unexpected and make mistakes, deepen your meditation skills and discover a new sense of reflective calm.

An art teacher with over 15 years’ experience, Emma Burleigh shares her knowledge through workshops and courses. Her specialty is mindful watercolour helping others expand their skills as artists while also taking them on a peaceful journey within.

Soul Color isn’t a traditional ‘how to’ book. It is the outcome of several years of research, trial and error with students and friends who’ve come to Emma’s workshops and classes to explore this territory with her.

Week 1: Getting Started (can be hard to do!)
Week 2: “Wonderful Failures and Terrible Successes” (the three things you need to know about watercolor)
Week 3: The Beauty of Everyday Gestures
Week 4: Plunge into Colour
Week 5: Inner and Outer Space
Week 6: Selves, Real and Imaginal
Week 7: Relationships
Week 8: Interior Landscapes
Week 9: Dreams, Demons, Daemons and the Divine
Week 10: Ending … and Beginning Again


Get a sneak peek at Soul Color by downloading Emma’s Watercolour for Self-Care exercises! (PDF download)


Emma Burleigh is an award winning comics artist, a painter and an art teacher with a passion for the vibrant, glowing and mercurial qualities of watercolour… read more.