The Garden

The Garden

by Sean Michael Wilson & Fumio Obata

978-1-912634-16-3 * £12.99 * Published 21st May 2020

Distributed in North America by Sterling Publishing

A story of growth and healing through mindfulness and gardening by two highly acclaimed creators.

Quiet and meditative, The Garden is a story of growth and healing through mindfulness and gardening. It centres on Joanna, a British businesswoman who’s been signed off work from a high-powered finance job following a breakdown. Seeking more than just something to pass the time, she travels to Japan to immerse herself in zen gardening and meditation before returning home to nurture her own Japanese garden – and her soul.

I have happily forgotten what used to concern me before all this.
I am the strongest thing in the world.
I have an infinity of precious details to smile upon

Praise for the creators:

‘[Obata] is a talent to watch. I like his elegant, understated drawings, which hint at the manga stories he must have read as a boy.’ – Rachel Cooke, Observer (on Just So Happens)

‘hugely eloquent narratives . . . well served by Wilson’s succinct and elegant text.’ – Morning Star (on The Many Not the Few)

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