Get to know AlbaBG, creator of White Numen Tarot

We’ve just announced another tarot deck! White Numen Tarot will be published in January 2021. Get to know the deck’s creator, AlbaBG, in the interview below.

Hi Alba! For starters, tell us a bit about yourself and your artwork… What are your favourite themes to work with?

Hello everyone! It’s a pleasure to interact/have a little chit chat with you all! First of all, let me tell that I’m so happy to be publishing my Tarot deck with Liminal 11!

I am a 2D artist from Spain. For the past few years I’ve been working on animation, videogames and illustration for companies like Magic the Gathering or Nickelodeon, but what I’m more interested is in developing my personal projects! And that’s why I’m so excited about my Tarot deck!

My favourite themes to work with are usually related to my own dreams, animals, nature and so on.

Do you have any major influences or inspirations that helped you develop your style?

I think they can be divided in three branches, to put it in one way: painting and drawing, cinema and poetry.

When did you first start drawing tarot cards?

Ok, I’m going to tell the whole story, fasten your seatbelts:

I have really, and I mean REALLY, intense dreams. For me it’s like I have another life when I go to bed. I never paid attention before to Tarot. I knew about it, but it never caught my attention. So, one day I dreamed that I was told that was important for me to get a deck… so guess what I did next morning? Haha. Since that moment I became very interested in the symbolism and the archetypes within it. I did a lot of research and just a few months later I started to draw them for Instagram. That’s how it began…

We know you have a huge following on Instagram who are really into your tarot art. Do you enjoy the direct feedback from fans? Does fan engagement influence the artwork you make and share?

Of course, I do! I really enjoy interacting with my followers. I try to do it as much as I can. I think people underestimate the effect that comments have on artists on social media. I really appreciate it and it makes me very happy!

But it doesn’t really influence my work because I make them in my own art style, and I think people follow me for that specific style. Anyways I never received a comment suggesting or telling me to change something about them! But of course, I’m open to suggestions, it’s a big source of inspiration as well!

How did you select the name, White Numen, for this tarot deck?

Well, my Tarot includes a lot of animals, and that’s a theme I love to use in my drawings. I also like to name my works with an animal and a colour, for example: White Bull.

The thing is, I couldn’t decide on a specific animal, because there wasn’t a kind which appeared most than the others or which were more relevant, so I thought in the word Numen!

Numen is a latin word, which represents the image of sacred animals who originated in religions of the past. I took this word from a specific Spanish philosophical tradition. I thought that it was perfect, because in that way I was representing the whole concept of the deck!

Finally, a fun question to end on! What’s your spirit animal?

You know, I would love to say something majestic and really cool, but the truth is that I think it is a regular cat. I like to lay down, I get cranky if I’m hungry, I want treats and cuddles all the time (but maybe not ALL the time, so, careful there, I love my friends? Yes, but don’t come too close!), I have chubby fingers… anyway, you get the idea! 😸


Thanks Alba!

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