White Numen Tarot

White Numen Tarot

by Alba Ballesta González

978-1-912634-18-7 * £21.99 * published October 2020

The hugely anticipated White Numen Tarot by Alba Ballesta González is a masterpiece of beautiful hand-drawn art and exceptional colouring.

Sacred animal spirits (‘Numen’) are interwoven into the classical imagery of the tarot to create stunning cards that are both otherworldly and yet highly contemporary.

White Numen Tarot is an exemplary example of the very best that modern tarot can deliver!

Alba Ballesta González was born in a hot day of 199X somwhere along the Mediterranean. She co-founded Weba! Studio (animation and indie-games) while finishing her major in Fine Arts, where she continues to work as Art Director… (read more)

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