Liminal 11 in 2019

Happy 2019 to everyone! Whatever the new year brings from you, we hope it brings you health, happiness, joy and plenty of amazing books and tarot cards! And hopefully we can help a little bit with all of those things…

Read on to see a quick rundown of Liminal 11’s 2018 and a few quick updates to keep you in the loop for the year ahead! If you’ve only just heard of us, this is the perfect primer.

A VERY quick 2018 summary:

Liminal 11 launched as a publisher and our first products came out in September 2018.

Our co-founders, Kay & Darren, developed the Luna Sol Tarot deck (Kay was the artist; Darren was the tarot expert and also the one behind the very cool Luna Sol spread).

(We’ve been so honoured to see that people seem to really be loving the Luna Sol deck!)

Our Mini Meditations series launched with Mini Meditations on Joy by Adam & Lisa Murphy (who you’ll know from The Phoneix Comic’s Corpse Talk and Lost Tales) and Tillie Walden’s Mini Meditations on Creativity.

We published Sarina Mantle’s stunning Women + Patterns + Plants self-care colouring book.

The thing that’s driving the most traffic our way is Lisa Sterle‘s hiiiiiiighly-anticipated Modern Witch Tarot. The deck comes out this autumn, and we’ll be announcing when pre-orders open on our site, on all of our social media and in our newsletter.

Visit Lisa’s Insta, where she’s been revealing cards!

Kaylee Pinecone‘s Tales of the Tarot is a full five chapters in, with the next publishing on Wednesday the 9th. The response to this series has been truly amazing and we can’t wait to show you more of Kaylee’s brilliant comics.

We have more Mini Meditations coming in May, as well as a yoga deck. In autumn, we’ll publish The Essential Vegan Toolkit. And there’s a lot more to be announced!!

Our creators list is growing . . . growing . . . growing! We haven’t announced everyone’s projects yet, but we invite you to take a look at the amazingly talented line-up of creators we have on board to develop our list over the next few years!


Our co-founder Darren basking in our beautiful titles!

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