Janelle Belgrave

Janelle Belgrave‘s first love is astrology. She stumbled upon it at an early age and has studied it for nearly 20 years since then. She lives by the principle of “As above, So below” believing that all things that we experience here on Earth are reflected in the heavens and within humanity itself. That guidance led her to study Chinese Medicine, earning her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012. Since then she’s practiced in a myriad of settings, from community acupuncture to private practice. That same year she trained to become a Clairvoyant Intuitive, and has seen used her skills to give readings that have been lauded as impactful and accurate.

In 2015 Janelle began seeing astrology clients, coaching them one on one, using their natal charts to support them through challenges, success and future planning. She has written horoscopes for Refinery29, XoNecole and Cassius, and she has been mentioned XoJane, Essence, The Guardian and other publications. Her mission is to make astrology, clairvoyance & Chinese Medicine both practical and common knowledge for the public, as their wisdom is powerful as well as healing when applied in our daily lives.

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