Mini Meditations on Friendship

Mini Meditations on Friendship

By Enoki

978-1-912634-09-5 * £7.99 * hardcover * published 1st May 2019

Beautiful quotes on friendship are brought to life through Enoki’s otherworldly drawings

Mini Meditations on Friendship is a treasure trove of musings on friendships of all kinds, illustrated by award-winning artist Enoki. These unbelievably beautiful images are an inspirational journey through quotes from some of the greatest writers, artists and thinkers throughout history.

Read Enoki’s guest blogs about the process of creating Mini Meditations on Friendship.

Enoki is an award-winning comic artist who illustrates and animates for corporations around the globe. Guided by intuition and curiosity, Enoki creates with empathy, love, and courage with the hope to reach out and connect with others through her stories and art. Philosophy and loneliness, 1910s theatre, and sci-fi, are often themes inspired within her mysterious and elegant paintings. Enoki lives with many plants and practices Historical Fencing in Bristol, UK. Her favourite flower is the Peace Lily.

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