The Luna Sol Spread

The Luna Sol Spread

By Darren Shill

Those of you who have been exploring The Luna Sol Tarot have hopefully delved into our little booklet and come across the spread we created to accompany the deck. For those who haven’t gotten the deck yet, we wanted to give you a chance to try our custom spread with another deck that resonates with you.

The Luna Sol Spread is a little different than other spreads in that it looks at the present more than it does the future. It’s a chance to reflect on your current self. Tarot is, after all, a wonderful tool for self-reflection!

The Luna Sol Spread:

Sarah tried out this spread with great results in her latest Sunday night reading. Looks like it went pretty well for her!

She said, “I found this spread really handy for the place I’m at right now – I don’t have any burning questions to answer and things are pretty solid for me. But I have been thinking about myself and my personal growth a lot, so this spread really helped me look inward and think about how I present myself to the world and what tools I’ve gained that can help me through the next chapter. I’ve done the spread twice now and both times it felt completely spot-on.”

We hope you’ll get a chance to try the Luna Sol spread and let us know what you think of it! And remember,  The Luna Sol Tarot is available now!

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