Lots of love for the Luna Sol Tarot!

Lots of love for The Luna Sol Tarot!

It’s been an amazing month for Liminal 11! Our first products were launched; we’ve got distribution in the UK, Europe and North America; we went to Thought Bubble, Mind Body Soul Experience and the UK Tarot Conference (with more to come!); we’ve published three full chapters of the amazing Tales of the Tarot webcomic; and we’ve been getting a lot of really wonderful feedback on our publications! The Luna Sol Tarot has been especially popular, so we thought we’d thank the amazing reviewers and influencers who have shown us love by rounding up all of their kind words and coverage here!

Jack of Wands, one of our favourite tarot bloggers, was through the gate with a proper, nitty gritty review of the deck and its themes.

Jack of Wands’ photo of some of our court cards

Jack picked up on some of the things that were really important to us:

“It’s especially delightful because of the diversity of characters it features. The people depicted on this deck come from a variety of races and have a variety of body types—something we don’t see enough of in Tarot publishing.”

“As a more esoteric reader, I was delighted to see how much Qabalistic symbolism worked its way into this deck. It doesn’t hit you in the face… but anyone who’s familiar with using Qabalah in Tarot will find familiar symbols and themes throughout the deck.”

“The colors are done in a soft pastel palette, giving the whole deck a gentle, heartwarming vibe, and each of these cards brings a soft smile to my face when I sit and look at it.”

“Once my Tarot collection reached a certain size, I got to a point where most decks started to look largely the same to me. The things I look for to distinguish a new deck are the little details—a creative take on a card, a distinctive artistic flourish, and so on. This deck is full of those details.”

“This is one of those rare decks that I would recommend without qualification; I think that regardless of a reader’s experience level or the way in which she uses Tarot, she’ll be able to form a meaningful relationship with the Luna Sol Tarot.”

Biddy Tarot‘s Brigit Esslemont – whose web resources are a godsend for anyone looking to learn more about tarot – emailed us to say this about the deck:

“The deck is gorgeous – a beautiful, modern take on the Rider Waite, in beautiful colours. And the calendar is super cute too.”

And Jessica Dore, whose twitter feed enlightens us daily, wrote this:

Jessica Dore also featured the 4 of Disks in her December 2018 tarot offering on her blog.

The Tarot Lady Theresa Reed had this to say:

“I am loving getting to know this deck!”

And she featured the deck in her Full Moon in Taurus 2018 Tarot spread!

Theresa Reed’s Full Moon in Taurus tarot spread using The Luna Sol Tarot

Modern Tarot author Michelle Tea wrote “Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL #lunasoltarot I love the color palette, the art and the REPRESENTATION! 🙌🏻👍🏻🤩”

Steven Bright dove fully into the deck in a lovely YouTube video and took this great photo of our Ten of Swords on his Instagram

Benebell Wen, the absolutely spectacular metaphysical author and creator of The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, used our deck for an Instagram reading and wrote this incredible review!

Arwen Lynch, the wonderful editor of The Cartomancer, used the Luna Sol in her amazing #Tarotscopes post for October 22nd-28th:

And Liz Dean, who may be best known for her Game of Thrones Tarot, thought it was “gorgeous!”

Asali Earthwork said “I want more decks like this” in their amazing review!

Kim Arnold, our friend who runs the UK Tarot Conference, posted “A beautiful deck from Liminal 11” on her Instagram:

Lisa Frideborg interviewed the deck (AMAZING!) over on, and also had this to say:

“[Kay’s] deck is very now and meets the demand of more diversity in the Tarot. I also believe that this deck fits with the vibe of many spiritual Seekers coming off the sugary high offered by a certain genre of New Age authors.”

Lisa also included the deck in her Top Six Tarot Decks of 2018!

And we love this photo from Cosmic Chica on Instagram!

The beautiful soul behind Tarot Adventures has been taking The Luna Sol out into the wild:

The lovely Amber In Wonderland has done an unboxing and full flip-through over on YouTube:

We’ll keep adding in reviews and kind thoughts as we see them. Have you seen or posted something we’ve missed? Be sure to let us know, and be sure to share your photos of The Luna Sol Tarot too!

The Luna Sol Tarot is available to buy now!

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