Liminal 11’s launch party AND SO MUCH MORE!

Liminal 11 co-founders Darren Shill and Kay Medaglia at our launch party

Liminal 11’s launch party AND SO MUCH MORE!

by Sarah Wray

Well, it’s official… we’re official! Last week, we held our proper launch party, plus we have some REALLY EXCITING NEWS . . .

In the media? Read our official press release.

Distribution deals

Liminal 11 now have book distribution deals in the UK and Europe (with Turnaround) and in North America (with SCB). It’s amazing to be with two incredibly cool, independent distributors who really align with our ethos. It means it’ll be easier to find our books and tarot decks in bookshops and online from your home country, although you can still always order directly from us! Our webshop orders come with fun, extra freebies (like the velvet tarot bag, pictured below!) and the knowledge that you’ve given a little extra support that helps to our publishing programme, but we also know that – especially for those of you outside the UK – it can lead to painful postage costs and long shipping times. We hope that by making our titles more available around the world, we can keep benefiting others with messages of hope and happiness, and amazing illustration work too!

Our launch party

We held our launch party on October 11th at Gosh! Comics, and it was a total blast! Our friends at Gosh! always know how to host a wonderful event, and lots of our friends, family, colleagues and fans came to celebrate with us, toasting beers and bubbly, and maybe even getting a little weepy during a few of the speeches (speaking for myself…). It was a great night, and we’ve got some great photos to share too!

Getting things ready… Obviously we’re REALLY proud of our table setup… just look how pretty it is! 

We have a LOT of these!

Before long, everyone started arriving, and Kay and Sarina Mantle took their places at the signing table, pictured with Darren below. It felt like a really momentous moment to be all together (minus our published creators who live across the pond – we missed you, Tillie, Adam & Lisa!) with all of our publications in one place.

Darren, Sarah and Kay… three-quarters of Team Liminal 11! (sans Steve, who had a good excuse)

After we all caught up and mingled a bit, it was time for speeches! Kay and Darren said a lot of thank yous, and also shared their history. Part of what made this night so special was the venue – Kay and Darren met at a reading group at Gosh! years ago, and over time they developed the idea for Liminal 11. Cheers to everyone who helped make this happen!

Sarina gave a wonderful, teary-eyed speech (making Sarah feel better for also getting a little misty!), and particularly thanked her niece for helping to care for her beautiful daughter, Luna, while Sarina works. They’re pictured together below in a beautiful embrace! 

We ended the speeches with two new publication announcements! Sarah Hunt told us about Do Yoga Anywhere, her forthcoming yoga card deck that lets you create custom sequences from anywhere! Sarah’s words and designs are brought to life by Kay’s illustrations. Look out for this deck in May 2019!

Next up, Sara Botero talked about The Essential Vegan Toolkit, the book she wishes she had had when she went vegan! This fun primer to veganism will be richly illustrated and incredibly useful to anyone trying to change to a plant-based diet. It might event help change the minds of a few carnivores! 

We finished off with some more laughs, hugs, drinks and toasts, and then called it a night (err… went on to the pub!). Thanks again to everyone who came, and everyone at Gosh!, for making it a brilliant party! We feel truly warmed and full of joy after such a wonderful evening! Finally, huge thanks to Mauricio Molizane DeSouza for taking photos on the night!

Events in October

We’ll be at two events in London in October, both THIS WEEKEND! If you’re around and want to pick up some Liminal 11 products and swag (so.many.badges.), you can find us at Mind, Body, Soul Experience at Alexandra Palace on October 19th-21st…

…Or at the UK Tarot Conference (sorry, this one’s sold out, but come see us if you’ve already booked!) on the 19th and 20th.

Were you at the launch, or are you coming to any of our events this weekend? Let us know in the comments or on social media. We look forward to talking to you!

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