The Two of Cups in the Luna Sol Tarot (PLUS a special offer!)

The Two of Cups in the Luna Sol Tarot (PLUS a special offer!)

By Darren Shill

There is something weird that happens between the Aces and the Twos in the tarot. Aces always feel special. All that potential and pure essence of the suit gives them a presence that stands apart from the other cards.

Drawing an Ace in a reading gives a similar buzz to be dealt an Ace from a deck of playing cards… now here’s a card I can do something with! But if you think of the minor arcana as a journey, with the Nine as your destination and Ten as having gone a bit further than expected, then the Ace is the initial idea to take that journey and the Two is the first step. Sadly, it’s not always the best of beginnings. Maybe in going from that initial concept to reality, new issues cause analysis paralysis (Swords) or maybe life gets in the way, with other jobs that need to be juggled at the same time (Discs). There’s a sense that going from that one singular concept of the Ace to the multiple factors in the Two is not always as easy as you thought.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that there is one Two that bucks that trend – the beautiful Two of Cups. Cups are the watery suit of emotions and relationships. When thinking about emotions, including another element (person) obviously makes it all the more complex and meaningful. Turning idea to reality in the world of relationships is an utterly wonderful feeling – and the strength of this card often indicates love. Whilst there are no guarantees, the Two of Cups suggests this is both significant and worth investing optimism in. Congratulations!

The Two of Cups in Kay Medaglia’s Luna Sol Tarot


You are well matched and in harmony with another person in your life. The connection is meaningful and suggests a relationship that is more than transitory.


More Liminal 11 news!


The Luna Sol Tarot 2019 Calendar

If you love the Two of Cups, then you will be delighted to hear that it is one of the images that will be appearing in The Luna Sol Tarot 2019 Calendar. This calendar will show off 12 of the Luna Sol Tarot cards in all their glory and will include a lovely hand-drawn calendar grid, also created by Kay Medaglia themself. (Top tip: if you want to see some reveals of many of the Luna Sol Tarot cards that we’ve not yet shown, visit the calendar page of the webshop now!).

The Liminal 11 Webshop is Open

Speaking of the Liminal 11 webshop, we are proud to announce this has wonderful site has recently been opened! As well as Kay Medaglia’s Luna Sol Tarot deck and Luna Sol Tarot 2019 Calendar, you can also pre-order Eisner winner Tillie Walden’s Mini Meditations on Creativity, Adam and Lisa Murphy’s Mini Meditations on Joy and Sarina Mantle’s Women + Patterns + Plants. We’ve also got some stunning prints on offer – visit the shop to see more!

I heard a rumour that newsletter subscribers received a discount code when our webshop opened, which unfortunately has now expired. As a thank you to our blog readers, we are offering you a 10% discount on any Liminal 11 items bought on our webshop until 31st August 2018. Just use the discount code L11Blogoffer when checking out.

Mystery Luna Sol Tarot Gift!

And here is another rumour I can confirm! Everyone that buys a Luna Sol Tarot deck directly from Liminal 11’s webshop, or from us in person at a festival, will receive an absolutely gorgeous FREE GIFT! I would love to reveal more but shall remain as silent as The High Priestess…

This is a limited offer and will continue as long as stock lasts, but I can guarantee that everyone who has already placed an order before the date this blog was published is promised this beautiful mystery gift – and we have plenty more for our blog readers as well!

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