Women + Patterns + Plants

Women + Patterns + Plants

by Sarina Mantle

First Edition: 9781912634057 * £8.99 * published 27th September 2018 (Out of Print)

Second Edition: 9781912634194 * £9.99 * published 11 June 2020 ( Out of Print)

Third Edition: 9781912634392 * £11.99 * Published July 2021 (New Format)

A self-care colouring book from the multi-disciplined artist behind Wildsuga

Women + Patterns + Plants is a self-care colouring book made up of stunning black-and-white line work featuring women, patterns and plants. These bold illustrations are crying out for your coloured pencils and felt pens. Immerse in the divine feminine energy and wonderful natural imagery, and rekindle your creativity as you work your way through Sarina’s empowering drawings. This lovely little colouring book makes a perfect gift!

The new 2021 edition now features selfcare activity’s amongst the colouring exercises, for a more mindful experienced focused on wellness.

woman patterns plants sarina mantle

Sarina Mantle is a multidisciplined artist, mother, vocalist and designer who founded Wildsuga in 2008. Sarina seeks to preserve the handmade and express beauty and love through her artworks. Her many disciplines include sewing, pattern cutting, illustration, graphic design, surface design and jewellery making, all created to inspire the home, body and mind. She also teaches creative workshops.

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